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Done muon-updater Work on improving muon-updater usability, less dialogs, more automatic stuff happening <aurélien>
Done muon-updater Implement Aurélien's ideas <aleix>
Done muon-updater Remove QApt dependencies and make proper use of the AbstractResourcesBackend by enhancing AbstractUpdater <aleix>
Done muon-discover Improve integration of the GUI into the KDE's look & feel (actually landed in 2.0) <aleix>
Done muon-pkbackend Work on a PackageKit backend, look into how far we can go with a generic backend for a package manager <lukas>
Done libmuon Implement an Ubuntu Software Center resource backend to support Steam <jonathan>
TODO documentation Document Backend creation <jonathan>
Done libmuon Libmuon transaction API refactor <jonathan>
Done muon-bodega-webapps Make it possible to install web apps from muon <aleix>