problems it tries to solve: single ui to go to, central place, same principle as phonon why use them together? if you got an app that's not using phonon, phonon config doesn't make sense at all pulseaudio is the lower level, and the UI change in kde reflects the phonon configuration what doesn't work? primary issue: qt version of phonon vs kde phonon. in mandriva they compile qt with phonon but they don't install phonon: fool qt into thinking it has its own phonon. arch and kubuntu had some issue where they were apparently compiling in pulse audio support but actually it wasn't compiled. any hope of having there hacks upstream? it's already in kde-phonon problem: backends are variable, but the interface to the backend is fixed. what do we do when people come to #amarok crying about pulseaudio? coling will do some screenshots how it should look like. it shouldn't be visible to the user.

(Colin) I wrote up some information that you can get users to read when they complain:

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