Meetings/Mid 2009 meeting/Krita Notes

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  • Implement a write only iterator
  • Synchronize rect iterator
  • Cache tiles
  • Filter on canvas: make it threadable, KisFilterHandler shouldn't have states

Krita scripting

  • Write use case, and snippets (cyrille)


  • Use cases for images (filters ? no painting), possibely a Summer of Code or JJ idea.
  • Add text to the vector selection

Dynamic brush

  • Only one sensor for one parameter
  • have a "tilt" sensor
  • cache generated mask, put interpolatedValueAt inside the mask generator loop? Experiment! Maybe put the rotation as a separate step, don't cache rotated/skewed masks
  • changing the brush dimension by keyboard is not the same as changing the brush size by sensors

3D Brush

  • canvas transformation
  • model for tilt, brush position, tip deformed , breaking the brush handle? :)
  • shadow model
  • simulation of the bristles deformation not on canvas
  • don't focus on the realistic visualization of the tip, focus on results of the paint
  • bump mapping
  • optimized version for OpenGL
  • something for QPainter
  • thickness of the paint, hmm