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If you are new to Marble then you want to check this page. We list a few things you can do which are easy tasks and introduce you to Marble development. You can possible find some Junior Jobs at KDE's Bugzilla.

Marble Marketing Junior Jobs


"Marble KDE" results of the last 24 hours

for interesting news items related to Marble. Then post these news to our Marble "Marble Facebook group". In the next step update our "Marble Website" accordingly.

Quality Assurance / Documentation

We want our Marble source code to look good. The documentation should be concise and helpful and the comments shouldn't have spelling errors. Also it shouldn't have any obvious "formal" bugs. Help us to improve our code quality. This is an easy job that helps you to get familiar with the source code. It's the first thing that absolute beginners usually want to look at. We list a few important issues that need to be checked for regularly:

  • Try to find spelling errors in the source code comments and in Marble UI strings. (EASY)
  • KDE Krazy check: Have a look at the results of the static code checker: Try to understand possible problems and create a fix for them. (EASY/MEDIUM)
  • Get rid of compile warnings: Compile Marble from scratch and check all the warnings that possibly appear. Try to get rid of the warnings by adding fixes. If parameters are not used, examine why and either remove them or hide the warning or leave it as it is. (EASY-MEDIUM)
  • Compile marble with the cmake option -DPEDANTIC=ON. Fix all errors that come up until Marble compiles through (MEDIUM).
  • Add comments. You don't understand some source code in Marble? Then probably other people won't either. Try to understand it and ask Marble developers. The add some comments so that the next person will be able to understand the source code much easier (MEDIUM).
  • Create API-Documentation (EASY).
  • Review the API. Make sure that the API is Qt-ish (MEDIUM). Read and read the Marble source code. Try to find cases which seem to be non-standard. (MEDIUM)
  • Read our Marble Coding Standards: Ensure that the Marble source code follows it (EASY).
  • Help to translate Marble into your own language. Try to find "weird" translations or translations that don't express things in words that a normal user would understand and correct/report them (MEDIUM).
  • Check KDE's Bugzilla for any open Marble bugs: Try to reproduce the bugs and check whether the bugs are still valid. Remove them if they're not valid anymore and seem to be fixed already (EASY). Try to fix them if they are still valid (MEDIUM/HARD).

If you come across a problem don't hesitate to ask us (there are no stupid questions, just people who are afraid of asking for stupid reasons ;-) If you want to send in your patch for review, please send it to our mailing list [email protected].

Programmer Junior Jobs

This section deals with junior jobs that require basic C++ skills: See