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Making a Source Tarball

Make sure:

  • That the version is set correctly in the toplevel CMakeLists.txt
  • That the version of the krita.xmlgui file has been bumped up
  • That there is a tag set for the release like this:
 git tag -a v3.0.99.89 -m "Krita 3.0.1 Alpha" e278ff7
 git push origin --tags


Check out kde-dev-scripts

git clone kde:kde-dev-scripts

Go into the createtarball folder, update the information in the config.ini file to reflect the right tag and version number, commit and push and run the script

PATH/TO/kde-dev-scripts/createtarball/create_tarball_kf5.rb -n -a krita

Releases also should be announced on [email protected].

The tarball can be signed:

gpg --output krita- --detach-sign krita-