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The main Calligra announcement:

List of changes

Visit query for list of formally registered and fixed bugs.

For Kexi, the visual database app builder, 2.9 release is focused on improving quality of existing features. Thanks to close collaboration with users of Kexi, about 150 changes have been performed.

Detailed changes for beta releases are listed on the Calligra announcement pages:

Changes in 2.9.0

(since 2.9.0 Beta 3)


  • Fix size of "undo changes" icon of the Property Editor. Bug #337424

Table Views

  • Properly resize editor when other column is resized (before the editor tend to jump to the other column)
  • Improve table view used in combo box popups and spreadsheet mode. This mostly fixes Table Designer. Query designer needs some more work.
  • Update vertical header sections and fix cursor movement issues:
    • On row inserting and deleting, update the vertical header's model (instead of manually adding header sections).
    • "Select last row" action works on when there are zero records.
    • On new row edit accepting do not jump to first row (fix regression of 2.9 betas).
    • Usability: when editing is started, scroll a bit up to show next row if present.
    • Usability: when editing is started, ensure the very bottom of empty scroll area is displayed to help the user see what's there.
    • Set internal margin of half of the horizontal scroll bar's height only when not in spreadsheet mode.
    • Internal logic change for the vertical header: when new row editing starts, the new row data is added to the list of records, on Cancel it's removed.
    • Scroll bar should be "always on" when record navigator is visible.
    • When the navigator is hidden use "as needed" mode. This lets the scrollbar hide.


  • Improve default columns width in the visual view, stretch the last (criteria) column.
  • Fix support for LIKE and NOT LIKE SQL operators. Now works well with strings and query parameters [...] and properly interacts with the SQL view.


  • Added Longitude, Latitude and Zoom properties for map elements.
  • Fix support for multiple maps on a single report. Due to issues in Marble that is used for maps, that is a partial improvement, user still has to close and reopen the report to have the maps displayed properly. Bug #336986


  • Table import assistant: optimize data fetching using explicit database transaction.
  • Table import assistant: "Primary key" button now also turns "autoincrement" on.
  • Fix import of from the OpenDocument Spreadsheet file (*.ods) format. Bug #336815.
  • Fix data exporting for parametrized queries to .csv files. Bug #151504



Known bugs

None so far.

Missing or discontinued features

  • --skip-startup-dialog command line option has been removed; it was used to skip displaying the modal startup dialog window but this makes no sense since the window does not exist already. (Bug #338247)