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List of changes


  • Fixed misspelled icon names, improved icon choices, out-dated or missing icons
  • Make Kexi compile with clang

Main window

  • Full screen mode added activated by the F11 key
  • User feedback
    • Added anti-DOS protection when updating feedback ui
    • Added checking format of the .list files to avoid

Table Designer

  • Changing Length property does not trigger data removal
  • Added DefaultMaxLengthForTextFields config in Tables group
    • specifies default maximum length for fields of type Text
    • 0 (the default) means unlimited or up to engine's limit
    • Bug #301277

Database Support Library (KexiDB)

  • Remove limits for Text data type, left as option; now by default there are no limits in Text data type
    • Added maxLengthIsDefault property of table field for Text types to extended schema
    • stores a hint that limit comes from default setting
    • Bug #301277

Import & Export

  • CSV Import
    • Fixed import from csv when "Start at Line" value changed


  • New form widgets Command Link Button, Slider, Progress Bar and Date Picker have been added


  • Make UI texts for exporting Kexi reports more consistent
    • use "Export" instead of "Save" everywhere
    • give hint to used file formats in tooltip/whatsthis
    • use same phrases with all formats
  • reports engine now uses QGraphicsView instead of custom QWidget painting; this will make it easier to use in QML, and also happens to look nicer



Missing or discontinued features in 2.5

None identified compared to 2.4.