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Kexi/Releases/3.0.2 Changes

Changes in KEXI

Highlight: KEXI application has a number of general user interface and usability improvements. Some fixes for problems that appeared in version 3.0.0, including backward-compatibility. There are further improvements to the query designer (WHERE conditions and switching between views). Forms and reports also benefit from improvements of queries. KEXI now works better under non-KDE Plasma desktops such as XFCE, what can also have benefits on MS Windows. There are no new features apart from auto-opening command line options that work again.

  • General
    • 3c210bdc8 Don't move to first Project navigator's item when last object tab is closed (usability fix)
    • 6a218a1fb Improve detection of desktop type and use it in file dialogs and the Feedback Agent
    • d5b7a5e21 Detect single click setting for XFCE
    • 3bcc45629 Fix appearance of Kexi tabbed toolbar for gtk2 style used by XFCE
    • a41b632d5 Make auto-opening command line options work for Kexi again (Bug #378418, Review #5322)
    • 0a03c3e6d Fix regression since 3.0.0: store, copy and update user settings for objects, e.g. column widths
    • 5de2b558b Fix regression since 3.0.0: Keep compatibility with older format versions regarding the storage for object type
    • 90ee47e08 Fix regression since 3.0.0: Allow to change name and caption of objects (Bug #379078)
    • 499fbf454 Close window before renaming object on user's request
    • 08665e10a Fix background of the Kexi button for fusion style
    • dc7cc8c61 Fix vertical alignment of the record navigator (Bug #379844)
    • 373d8f4e9 Return invalid URL when open/save image dialog was canceled
    • c5603739a Improve image chooser for properties of type Pixmap: display "all supported files" (Bug #379073)
  • Table Designer
  • Query Designer
  • Form Designer
    • 236681be7 Make check boxes two-state by default because this covers 99% of use cases. It is also Qt's default.
    • 6192dbc38 Don't set any special minimum size for checkbox form widgets, users may want to set specific small size (link)
    • 7e5f20b83 Fix geometry of the combo box (Bug #265330, Review #5486)
    • 22e905861 Make it possible to use vertical alignment property in Text Box form widgets
    • e0bf19825 Fix possible crashes in form's undo/redo actions, make them properly work with alignment properties of widgets (Bug #380175, Review #5969)
  • Report Designer
  • Buildsystem
  • Tests
    • 43724947a Search for resource file in bin/data also on non-Windows so tests work OK without installation of the project

Changes in KDb

KDb is a database connectivity and creation framework for various database vendors.

  • General
    • 9730fa06 Fix possible issue: the WHERE condition can be lost while converting query to SQL. This can be seen in Kexi Query Designer.
    • c7dfaa15 Validate query and offer error message/description while setting or extending WHERE conditions
    • d81e9a1e Fix WHERE conditions handling (Review #5294)
    • 875de031 Make query parameters also work in COLUMNS section. Kexi query parameters do not work in COLUMNS section, e.g. this won't work ('invalid query' error appears): SELECT [Param]. The parameters work only in the WHERE section, e.g. SELECT 123 WHERE [Param] = 1. Port calligra commit 5c0d3ee52fd. (Bug #348473)
    • a8907bc8 Support queries such as "SELECT FROM table WHERE condition" for completeness
  • Buildsystem
    • 3572da40 Add detection for PostgreSQL 10
    • dd4a21fc Improve information about recommended packages (for drivers, python, etc.)
    • dd4a21fc Improve SQLite detection
    • c62c4296 FindMySQL script: for Windows use "ProgramFiles(x86)" environemnt variable to locate "Program Files (x86)" folder and find MySQL/MariaDB libs there
    • e7bc7bbe FindMySQL script: fix it if CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE is not specified (Windows)
  • Tests
    • 6157a64b Fix HeadersTest for paths containing spaces
    • 87dad272 Add tests related to query parameters to the parser test

Changes in KProperty

KProperty is a property editing framework with editor widget similar to what is known from Qt Designer.

  • General
    • 2d1c35c Fix comparing double values: use "precision" option instead of "step" option
    • c5e550c Improve checking for validity of min/max/step/precision options for date/time/double types
    • f8ed63a Fix strikeout/underline font option not available in font dialogs. These options are missing in font dialogs on non-Plasma, non-Windows desktops, e.g. XFCE which has too simplified dialog. The solution is to force using Qt's own dialog (Bug #379190).
    • 72a91e6 Pixmap editor: fix display preview of pixmap value on mouse click
    • 4e4c1a6 Pixmap editor: improve size of the (...) button
    • 6267e71 Pixmap editor: don't display taskbar entry on Windows for the popup, use Tooltip palette
  • Buildsystem
    • eb8c218 Do not check for Sailfish OS since its version 2.1
  • Tests
    • cb08dd6 Fix HeadersTest for paths containing spaces

Changes in KReport

KReport is a framework for the creation and generation of reports in multiple formats.

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