Goal of the working group

Create Keyboard layouts for Kdenlive that make it familiar for users of other standard video editing applications.

Kdenlive has support for Keyboard Schemes. This schemes can be edited by the user, saved and shared using the KDE Store.

A Keyboard scheme file looks like this:

<gui name="kdenlive" version="1">
    <Action name="file_open" shortcut="Ctrl+O"/>
    <Action name="file_save_as" shortcut="Ctrl+Shift+S"/>
    <Action name="file_new" shortcut="Ctrl+N"/>
    <Action name="rename" shortcut="F2"/>

The "name" property is defined inside Kdenlive. Most of the action names can be found in the file kdenliveui.rc that is in the source code in src/, or : online.

You can either create a new shortcut scheme in Kdenlive (Settings > Configure Shortcuts > Manage Schemes), and manually assign the shortcuts, then Save it to a scheme, or manually edit the file in a text editor.

To ensure coordination, please contact someone from the Kdenlive Team if you plan to work on a specific Keyboard scheme

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