Kdenlive/Development/Refactoring Roadmap

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The following is our proposed roadmap for the coming releases after the refactoring is finished.

Short term

  • Show audiowave in monitor
  • Trimming operations
  • Nested timeline
  • Same track transition
  • Corruption fixes
  • Check consistency before save
  • Refresh button
  • Info dialog for clips, to be able to set in/out points precisely
  • Highlight on snap
  • Clip locking

Mid term

  • Audio workflow
  • Multicam
  • Fast render (multicore)
  • Secondary color correction

Long term

  • Cross platform
  • GPU processing
  • Great bit-depth color support
  • OpenRaster support (Krita/Gimp)
  • Blender/Natron integration
  • Ardour Integration
  • Frame caching
  • Tracking/Stabilization
  • AI powered features
  • Style transfer
  • Segmentation

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