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Speed Change

Speed effects are different from other effects in that they alter the length of a clip. This puts speed effect into a separate effect category.

There are different challenges that arise with speed change.

  • When slowing down, intermediate frames are needed. This is done e.g. by slowmoVideo using optical flow.
  • When speeding up, motion blur may be desired to keep the image look natural
  • Audio also changes. Is it simply stretched, whereby pitch changes as well, or should only the speed change (but not pitch) as done e.g. by Paulstretch?

Editing also poses challenges:

  • It is impossible to edit inside the timeline due to the clip length change
  • When allowing curves for speed change, the effect GUI becomes much more complex and does not fit into a widget anymore. slowmoVideo has an own UI just for that with a 2D canvas. The input video is on one axis and the output video on another axis, and a curve defines which frames the output video picks from the input video.
Curves in slowmoVideo

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