Kdenlive's project files (.kdenlive files) use an XML format, based on MLT's format. There is currently three file formats to be distinguised depending on the version of Kdenlive you're using, as explained in "Kdenlive Projects" article on the Website

Kdenlive/KF5 ("Generation 2")Project File Format

With the KF5/Qt5 version of Kdenlive, we now store all Kdenlive data through MLT's xml module. This means that all information must be stored in MLT objects like Tractor, Playlist, Producer, etc.

To separate these properties from other MLT properties, we prefix them with "kdenlive:". This page lists the properties that we use in this new file format.

Properties applied to project clips (MLT Producer object)

  • kdenlive:clipname
    Stores the name that will be displayed for this clip in the Project Bin
  • kdenlive:folderid
    Stores a string containing the id of the folder where this clip is (empty if clip is in the root folder).
  • kdenlive:zone_in
    Stores the "in" point for the play zone defined for this clip
  • kdenlive:zone_out
    Stores the "out" point for the play zone defined for this clip
  • kdenlive:originalurl
    Stores the clip's original url. Useful to retrieve original url when a clip was proxied.
  • kdenlive:proxy
    Stores the url for the proxy clip, or "-" if no proxy should be used for this clip.

Properties applied to the Bin PLaylist (MLT Playlist object "main bin")

  • kdenlive:folder.xxx.yyy
    This property stores the names of folders created in the Project Bin. xxx is the id of the parent folder (-1 for root) and yyy is the id for this folder. The value of this property is the name of the folder.

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