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Open Hub project report for KDE Telepathy

Outstanding tasks in the Telepathy Account Configure:

If you want any of these tasks, have a word in IRC, and then put your name next to it so we don't end up duplicating work. I've tried sorting them by skillset.

General C++ Qt/ QtDesigner

Make sure to read: http://community.kde.org/KTp/Components/Accounts_KCM_Creating_Plugins

Finish MSN (buttery) pluging advanced options

Add Bonjour configue plugin (done)

Add AOL configure plugin (done)

Add Gadu-Gadu configure plugin (done)

add Novell Groupwise configure plugin

Add mxit configure plugin

Add MySpaceIM configure plugin (done)

Add Tencent QQ configure plugin

Add IBM Lotus Sametime configure plugin

Add SILC configure plugin

Add Zephyr configure plugin

Add SIPE configure plugin (requires pidgin-sipe)

Add Skype configure plugin (done, requires pidgin-skype)

Harder C++ stuff

Put in the review comments on the changes to make it compile with Tp-Qt4 (done)

Reconnect account on parameters changing, or enabled status changing (asssigned to David Edmundson)

Enable/Disable the "next" (or finish button) depending on whether required parameters are filled in. (discussion needed. trichard working on mockups)

External account removal needs to update the model. (done)

Change KDE_EXPORT macro used throughout the accounts KCM. (done)

Fix 'kcmshell(3901) KWidgetItemDelegateEventListener::eventFilter: User of KWidgetItemDelegate should not delete widgets created by createItemWidgets! ' (this is an issue in KWidgetItemDelegateEventListener)

Remove duplicates in profile select list: (done, but requires externally supplied .profile files)

Design/UI Skills

Ideally we need every dialog here to be reviewed by someone good at UI.


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