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Sticky notes

Everything that needs some discussion in the near future about the Account Management GUI should go on this page.

Translation of profile names

What we currently do is we keep a dictionary and we try to provide a translatable string for every protocol. It's also used to get a human readable string from the protocol names. When profiles get supported though, there is a field that already supplies a human readable name in the profiles themselves. Is it still needed to use the dictionary for these? Will Facebook or Google Talk ever get translated to another language?

Default values in profiles

On the page of the Account Management GUI there's a note that we should not save parameters that still have their default value. We do this because there's the possibility that the default values change in a newer version. If we would have saved these values in telepathy, they will not change when the default value changes. This might leave accounts that worked before, in an unconnectable state. Now when we pulled profiles in, we have the problem that these default values in profiles are not usually not the same as the default values in connection managers. How are we going to handle this?


I (Thomas Richard) am currently working on widgets that are able to provide visual feedback on why the creation of an account failed. We might want to talk to usability experts though to see if we're going in the right way.

Massive Whitespace on new account creation

When making a new account with the wizard, the second page almost always has a lot of whitespace. It looks rubbish. Any thoughts on how to fix this?

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