KRunner Problems

  • QWidgets additionas by individual runners
  • Actions
  • Auto-completion
  • Sorting of results
  • Categories have been added on top and are just messy
  • KRunner code is in the Plasma namespace
  • Many plasmoids are triggered by a static word. There is little point in spawning a new thread per runner just to check the trigger word and then abort.
  • Help menu missing
  • Runner Syntax?
  • Missing Previews
  • Relevance is crap - addMatch/addMatches have different relevance, and each runner can set the global relevance.
  • Unicode support is non existent. Each runner would have to implement their own.
  • Broken case insensitive path handling
  • Slows down runners based on how long their take. This is shortsighted as the amount of time quite often depends on the query, and once cannot just make arbitrary decisions like that.
  • RunnerManager -> Single runners are messed up
  • Using deprecated KPlugin APIs

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