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These instruction are for the current development, unstable version, so called 'master, because there were no stable releases of KDb yet.

Download KDb from the KDE Git repository as explained below.

Source code: For users

If you are not and do not plan to be KDb developer, you can get the source code anonymously.

First, make sure you have the git program installed.

Variant 1.1: Use GIT anonymous access:

$ git clone git://anongit.kde.org/kdb

Variant 1.2: Via HTTP anonymous access:

git clone http://anongit.kde.org/kdb

Variant 1.3: Download the latest archive with the latest copy of the git repository (about 20MB for now). Click here and the uncompress the archive:


Unpack and cd into kdb directory, then run

$ ./initrepo.sh

From now on, you can run

$ git pull

to update, or

$ git pull --rebase origin master

if you have local commits.

Source code: For contributors

Option 2: If you are or plan to contribute to KDb, use your KDE Developer account with read/write access:

git clone [email protected]:kdb


There were no stable releases of KDb, therefore they are not packaged.

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