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December 10, 2005: Roadmap updated

The KDE PIM roadmap has been updated to include further releases within the KDE 3.5 release cycle. Focus, however will be on the port to Qt 4.

June 26, 2005: KDE PIM Roadmap

The KDE PIM roadmap was published. It has two key points: First, there will be a KDE PIM 3.5 release. The feature freeze is at August, 1st. Second, the goal of KDE PIM 4 will be to get it to the masses. It will aim at a larger group of users, not only developers and power users.

May 27, 2005: PIM Meeting

The KDE PIM Meeting starts today in Achtmaal, the Netherlands. The weather is gorgeous and the participants -- 16 in all, from across western Europe -- are raring to go. The meeting page has more details.

May 4, 2005: SVN is here!

The switch to Subversion has been completed, and the documentation on how to deal with that is here on developer.kde.org.

April 11, 2005: APIDOX are back!

The API Dox, which had briefly been hosted elsewhere and then vanished again, are now back in force thanks to David Faure, and they are hosted under pim.kde.org where you would expect them. Check out the Dox today!

April 9, 2005: Switch to Subversion Delayed

The swtich to Subversion has been delayed some (originally planned for April 1st); when it does happen, remember that there is a Subversion tutorial by Thiago to help you through the difficult first hours.

March 30, 2005: Switch to Subversion

The KDE CVS repository is switching over to Subversion this week. This will be the largest switch from CVS to SVN to date, and Stephan and Ossi have been putting in lots of effort to make it happen without a hitch -- but we'll have to hope that that turns true. As it stands, I'm updating the website before the switch, just in case we can't do the announcement afterwards.

March 13, 2005: Site and API Dox update

The kde.org websites have gotten a new look, and the KDE PIM site has followed suit, with its own well-known colors. We're still reorganizing a little to get everything in the right place. In related news, the KDE PIM site has 37MB of new content in the form of the API Dox, which are generated irregularly.

February 12, 2005: PIM Meetings in 2005

The Osnabrück meetings are a fantastically productive setting for KDE PIM, now in its third year. The PIM folks get together more often than that, though, and this year's schedule looks really busy. January held the Osnabrück meeting, of course. March will see us in Chemnitz at the Linux Tag there. May finds Till, Bill, Tobias and the whole crew of KDE-NL in the Netherlands. In August, we are expected in Malaga at the next KDE world conference. All we need now is a venue for a final meeting in October or November. Takers?

February 10, 2005: PIM presence at FOSDEM

FOSDEM is a yearly developers meeting in Brussels. Open Source developers from all across Europe and beyond gather for a weekend of hacking, advocacy, and beer. This year, our very own IMAP man Till Adam will be there, as well as Adriaan de Groot of KPilot fame. We will be hanging out with the guys from KDE NL and you can find us in the KDE DevRoom.

February 3, 2005: CVS Freezes

KDE CVS is now feature and string frozen, so what's in there now is pretty much what will be KDE PIM 3.4. The next month or so is bugfixing and testing time.

January 20, 2005: Third Osnabrück PIM Meeting

For the third time, the town of Osnabrück was the place for a lot of KDE PIM hackers to hold their annual meeting, kindly hosted by Intevation. While the participants were primarily focused on fixing bugs and getting the various PIM applications in shape for the KDE 3.4 release, some discussions also targeted post-3.4 development. With over 40 bugs fixed, some interesting features implementented, the Kolab hackers participating, and the draft for GroupDAV revised with Helge Hess from OpenGroupware.org, this meeting was not only a successful boost of KDE PIM development, but also for PIM client-server interoperability in general. Read the meeting report for details.

January 14, 2005: Linux Planet: KMail In Depth

Linux Planet features "KMail in Depth" describing KDE's e-mail application as having 'masses of features and no malware'. The article describes converting to KMail, encrypting & signing e-mail and configuring multiple accounts.

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