KDE PIM/Meetings/Osnabrueck 4

The annual KDE PIM Meeting Osnabrück 4 took place at the Intevation offices in Osnabrück from Friday, January 6th 2006, to Sunday, January 8th.



14:00 Group Discussion (Meeting kickoff)

17:00 Group Discussion (Goals, Scope, Requirements)

19:30 Dinner (Italian)


10:00 Group Discussion (Naming)

12:00 Lunch

14:00 Group Discussion (General architecture, protocols)

17:00 Group Discussion

19:30 Dinner (Indian)


10:00 Group Discussion (Tasks, Roadmap, Strategy)

12:00 Lunch

14:00 Group Discussion (API)

Meeting Results - Akonadi: A PIM Storage Service

Mission Statement

We intend to design an extensible cross-desktop storage service for PIM data and meta data providing concurrent read, write, and query access. It will provide unique desktop wide object identification and retrieval.

Meeting Notes


Photo of roadmap on whiteboard
Photo of tasks on whiteboard
(take this with a grain of salt)

Background Material

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