KDE PIM/Meetings/KDE PIM at Akademy 2017

Notes from KDE PIM BoF on Akademy 2017


vkrause dvratil dfaure ervin vandenoever

  • forgot who else was there *

Wiki / Website Cleanup

Stuff to delete:

Userbase needs special wiki rights to due translations - asked Claus_chr who has the superpowers to delete them for us

Dubious stuff needing closer review:

Stuff to change on userbase once we can edit it:

New website for kontact.kde.org

  • Dan does the fancy HTML5 hipster stuff, Valorie helps with the textual content -- should this text be in the userbase pages or elsewhere? asks Valorie
  • Prototype: http://kontact.dvratil.cz/, will setup kontact-kde-org.git for this


David E is going to push syndication to KF5 for September

PIM on Windows

Dan and Hannah are on it

PIM on Wayland

Works since Qt 5.9, but we still force xcb in KMail, can we remove that? - https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=367598 - implement for stable

-> use for marketing "Kontact on Wayland"

Dan looking into decoupling resource config from resource processes, out-of-process dialogs problematic on Wayland

Developer Story

Dan looking into Docker for the full PIM setup Dan is also looking into a super-build/super-repo for all of PIM Reconsider some of the repo splits, 61 is a bit too much Dumping ground libs are problematic

Android, Akonadi in-process

Dan evaluating Kirigami for a touch UI client Ke´vin suggesting positive impact of a single-process setup required for that on the developer story too


Include in 17.12, resource is in good state says Frederik

KMail User Survey

about to start, link is public, Valorie helped us with the annoucement try to space out to keep attention on this high


KTimeZone/KDateTime porting Dan and Volker attending, looking for more volunteers Ask:

  • French Franck
  • Sandro
  • the EWS guy
  • Albert

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