Warning. This page is slightly outdated. It's still nice as a historical document, so we leave it here for now.

There has been a lot of feedback to KOrganizer in the past: bug reports, feature requests, encouragement. From this and from the ideas and experiences of Cornelius Schumacher and other KOrganizer developers, Cornelius has collected a To-Do list of KOrganizer Development Tasks. This list includes relatively simple things like better integration into the KDE 2 framework as well as complex features like true group-scheduling support.

The list is hierarchically organized and includes priorities for the individual topics. The priorities reflect my own sight of this tasks. If you disagree with the priorities feel free to send me an email and explain why you consider the topic more or less important. We then can adjust the priorities to get the most benefit for the majority of users.

This list also illustrates one of the features of KOrganizer: HTML export. The list is directly generated from KOrganizer. It is also available as iCalendar-format file, which can be directly loaded into KOrganizer.

And, as said before, if you would like to contribute to the development of KOrganizer and perhaps find a task that challenges you, or if you have comments or feature requests as a user, don't hesitate to contact us to become part of the exciting world of KDE development.

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