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Ticket Barcode Formats

Overview on ticket barcode format documentation, existing material on the subject and reverse engineering efforts.

Standardized Formats

IATA BCBP (Bar-coded boarding passes)

Internationally standardized for use on airline boarding passes.

Official standard document only available to IATA members, but can be found by use of an Internet search engine.

Other sources:

UIC 918.3

Internationally standardized for train tickets, commonly used for international travel in the EU as well as by a number of operators in the EU. In itself just a container format that can contain various payloads.

Specification is only available to UIC members, but can be found as part of the below sources describing the payload.


Payload for international EU travel.

Deutsche Bahn vendor extensions
ÖBB vendor extension
  • simple JSON using payload type "118199"

VDV e-ticket

Modular system primarily used in German local public transport. Consists of a common part with generic information and operator-specific extensions/payloads. Specifications are only available to VDV members, but you can sometimes get lucky with Internet searches.

  • VDV-Kernapplication - Spezifikation statischer Berechtigungen für 2D Barcode-Tickets - KA STB-Spec

Sources describing operator extensions are currently unknown.

Proprietary Formats

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