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Reporting Bugs

Bugs of KDE PIM applications should be reported at bugs.kde.org. This includes feature requests which should be reported as wishlist items. There is a bug reporting wizard which asks for all relevant information and then creates an entry in the bug tracking system.

To make your bug report as useful as possible you should keep some things in mind:

  • Check that the bug hasn't been reported before.
  • Tell us how to reproduce the bug
  • Include all relevant information about KDE version, operating system, special configurations, etc.
  • Keep in mind that we do care about bug reports, but that most of us work on KDE in their spare time and might not be able to address the bug immediately.

Querying bug reports

You can query bug reports on the generic KDE Bugzilla query page. Here are some predefined queries:

IMAP log

If you use problems with an IMAP or kolab resource than an IMAP log can be very usefull, because a developen can really see that is sent/received from the IMAP server. Please be aware, that the IMAP log shows all content, so there can be very private suff inside. Have a look into the IMAP log before sending it around.

   KIMAP_LOGFILE=/tmp/imap.log akonadictl restart

Afterwards you find for each imap connection a file /tmp/imap.log.<PID>.<ID>.

akonadi log

Having problems with akonadi and/or one resource its often helpfull to get log. There are different levels where usfull information can be.

console output

Developvers put many debug logs into there code to make it esay to follow, that is going on, when. But by default these informations are not displayed. So we should start and activate them:


search for akonadi and select everything that is involed in your problem. Maybe also you should activate something like kssl, kio,... depending on your problem. Afterwards just restart akonadi:

 akonadictl restart

Than you see the log in the console.

using akonadiconsole

Akonadiconsole is a very good debug tool.


start akonaidconsole

1. select the debugger tab

2. activate debugger

do what every you want to debug

3. search for the matching tab

4. save logs to file


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