KDE Localization/RTL

Right-to-Left Support

In the page, I will collect all the RTL languages bugs and wishes. The purpose to make chasing the RTL issue in the KDE is more easy.


You can see the update list from this link: RTL bugs


  • Bug #165397 kwrite: Right/left arrows do not work in RTL mode
  • Bug #192458 kate: Hebrew selection not showing
  • Bug #168727 kde: Right/left arrows in RTL
  • Bug #194432 kde:KDE does not change to RTL mode from language setting
  • Bug #195600 kde: focus moves reversely in RTL mode using arrow keys
  • Bug #173657 kde: text in KTextEdit is left-aligned in RTL languages
  • Bug #196222 kde: KDE 4.3 beta: all apps have LTR interface
  • Bug #196249 kde: Hebrew "N items" appearing backwards
  • Bug #189994 kde: tree widget rtl bidi problem
  • Bug #187100 kde: Icon chooser: Hebrew display issues
  • Bug #168754 konquest: Textarea is in LTR mode in Arabic version
  • Bug #173117 konqueror: Marquee does not shape Arabic words correctly
  • Bug #194340 konqueror Google translate does not show anything
  • Bug #183431 kolourpaint:text tool does not support RTL
  • Bug #183020 KDM does not support RTL mode
  • Bug #195629 kwin:The default window title buttons should be reversed in RTL mode
  • Bug #156380 Okular:Wrong selection area by text-editor-like selection tool in RTL texts
  • Bug #192636 Okular show gray area in the View in RTL mode
  • Bug #184399 Okular: copy and paste of hebrew text inverse the text ...
  • Bug #187109 Kmail: list view popup aligned to the left
  • Bug #187107 plasma: Extender items titlebar fade on wrong side when...
  • Bug #187101 Plasma: Kmenu: RTL display issues
  • Bug #190084 plasma: rtl problem in plasma's tasks widget
  • Bug #196286 plasma:[krunner] entry option covers its name in RTL desktop
  • Bug #182976 plasma: plasma-calender plasmoid does not support RTL desktop
  • Bug #187105 korganizer: Hebrew date on the bottom
  • Bug #187104 kaddressbook: plus sign on the wrong side of phone numbers
  • Bug #187098 dolphin: Dolphin RTL display issues
  • Bug #187103 dolphin: Rename dialog: arrow keys going in the wrong directions
  • Bug #196357 Oxygen: close button covers the tab title in RTL
  • Bug #199131 Dolphin Icon View backwards in RTL mode
  • Bug #207915 OOo-created RTL ODT files displayed with wrong directionality
  • Bug #376438 digikam: Several i18n and RTL-layout issues
  • Bug #390356 okular: wrong render for arabic xps
  • Bug #207748 okular: LTR languages searches text backwards
  • Bug #192458 kate: [BiDi/Unicode] Hebrew selection not showing when dynamic word wrap is disabled
  • Bug #367722 kate: Caret shows in wrong location (one letter off) in Right-to-Left paragraphs when using dynamic word wrap
  • Bug #368182 kate: Cursor disappears when adding more spaces at the end of a LTR line
  • Bug #379989 plasma-integration: RTL systems: All Qt5 and KF5 are RTL regardless they translation
  • Bug #427064 frameworks-karigami: ColumnView does not support RTL
  • Bug #403729 konsole: Proper BiDi support
  • Bug #401185 konsole: RTL CTL
  • Bug #411445 plasmashell: Grouped Tasks Not Shown on RTL
  • Bug #428034 krita: "Align Left" in Krita keeps the text right-aligned for Arabic (RTL)


  • Bug #156093 kwrite: Option for RTL and LTR toggling
  • Bug #178149 kde:Arabic-Indic numeral system support
  • Bug #196287 konqueror: add "switch the dirction " for text field in RTL languages
  • Bug #66746 konqueror: vertical scrollbar in large document is locale sensitive instead of document directionality sensitive

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