KDE Games/IRC Meetings/2008-10-30-log

[15:05] <it-s> hi and welcome to the December meeting
[15:05] <it-s> please introduce yourself
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[15:05] <it-s> I'm it-s - KDEGames graphic artist
[15:05] <smajewsky> Hello. I'm Stefan Majewsky. I'm the first topic. ;-)
[15:05] <Parkotron> Parker Coates, Killbots guy.
[15:05] <josef|samba> (topics @ http://techbase.kde.org/Projects/Games/IRC_Meeting)
[15:05] <icwiener> *applaude*
[15:05] <tsdgeos> Hi, i'm Albert Astals Cid, KDE i18n master, kiriki and ktuberling man
[15:06] <icwiener> Frederik, just hanging around.
[15:06] <josef|samba> I'm Josef, the kggz guy
[15:06] <it-s> Half-Left: are you there bud?
[15:06] <emilsedgh> Emil Sedgh, website guy
[15:07] <oojah> I'm Roger, I'm with ggz as well.
[15:07] <it-s> pinotree: are you there? busy?
[15:07] <it-s> well then, lets start
[15:08] <it-s> the first topic is: Kolf2
[15:08] <smajewsky> it-s and me had a fruitful discussion yesterday in this room.
[15:08] <it-s> yeah, right here
[15:08] <smajewsky> The main point with Kolf 2 is what view will be implemented.
[15:08] <smajewsky> The first option: 2D bird's eye view (just like in Kolf1).
[15:09] <smajewsky> The second option: 2D isometric view.
[15:09] <smajewsky> The third option: 3D view (OpenGL and such).
[15:09] <smajewsky> Opinions?
[15:09] * Baby is Miriam Ruiz, newcomer to KDE, and Debian Developer
[15:10] <it-s> Baby: welcome to the chanel Miriam, it's a pleaseure to have you with us today
[15:10] <Half-Left> it-s: sup
[15:10] <Baby> thanks :)
[15:10] <it-s> Half-Left: we're having a meeting
[15:10] <icwiener> With all 3D visions there is the problem with hiding the ball behind objects, right? That must be solved in a user-friendly way.
[15:10] <tsdgeos> smajewsky: depends how good are you doing 3D :D
[15:10] <Half-Left> ahh
[15:10] <smajewsky> The first main point with 3D is how to get good textures.
[15:11] <tsdgeos> i'd go with 3D defaulting to something that seems like a 2D view
[15:11] <josef|samba> there used to be a free-textures project by grumbel, the pingus author
[15:11] <josef|samba> but it's unmaintained AFAIK
[15:11] <smajewsky> The second issue is how much details the level should have. The lower end of the range is Neverputt, the upper range might be something like Wii Sports Golf.
[15:11] <it-s> that's not a problem. as far as artwork is concearned me and Half will do the bast
[15:12] <it-s> let me show you something: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fY3pHefOnEc
[15:12] <it-s> this is Flash though, so beware! 
[15:12] <tsdgeos> smajewsky: the issue is, make designing levels a non-programer task ;-)
[15:12] <tsdgeos> and you'll get people contributing
[15:12] <tsdgeos> see how i got almost hundreds of kgeography maps
[15:13] <tsdgeos> that's because making one is DEAD simple
[15:13] <Baby> yup, one of the keys of a good game is to have an easy to use level editor
[15:14] <smajewsky> So, I see that the majority is pro-3D.
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[15:14] <smajewsky> Another problem I see is the identity of Kolf.
[15:14] <smajewsky> With 3D, it will be hard to maintain Kolf's original spirit.
[15:15] <tsdgeos> smajewsky: well, i'm not pro3D, i want the main view to be the same, just with the possibility to rotate
[15:15] <tsdgeos> not sure if i explain myself
[15:15] <smajewsky> tsdgeos: I see...
[15:15] <it-s> tsdgeos: this is the problem actually
[15:15] <tsdgeos> why?
[15:16] <it-s> tsdgeos: if it's not 3D it's dead difficult to make the scene rotate
[15:16] <it-s> tsdgeos: I for one can't imagine how
[15:16] <smajewsky> Me not, either.
[15:16] <tsdgeos> i'm not explaining myself :D
[15:16] <tsdgeos> i want it 3d
[15:16] <tsdgeos> but you put the camera and do a flat projection
[15:16] <it-s> tsdgeos: even drawing every tile in every possible position won't work...
[15:17] <it-s> tsdgeos: could you elaborate pls
[15:17] <tsdgeos> so the user still seems the "typical 2d kolf window" when it's actually 3d
[15:17] <it-s> tsdgeos: so... 3D but not 100% interactive
[15:17] * Half-Left is maintaines graphics themes if you didn't know :)
[15:17] <it-s> tsdgeos: to save on CPU power
[15:17] <tsdgeos> at least not by default
[15:17] <tsdgeos> if you want to "navigate/fly" you activate some special mode
[15:17] <it-s> tsdgeos: aha
[15:17] <smajewsky> The point with power consumption...
[15:18] <it-s> smajewsky: this isn't a bad idea
[15:18] <it-s> smano, but if we just *fixate* the camera
[15:18] <it-s> smajewsky: ^^^
[15:18] <smajewsky> tsdgeos: Do I understand it right that you essentially want a 2D view and a 3D view between which you can switch?
[15:18] <it-s> smajewsky: I think OpenGL optimaizes the output
[15:18] <tsdgeos> smajewsky: right
[15:19] <tsdgeos> i want a 3D view with an almost fixed camera (almost 2D) and a totally 3D one
[15:19] <Baby> but the real game play would only be in 2D, or in both?
[15:19] <tsdgeos> that's just an idea
[15:19] <tsdgeos> not that i played kolf much lately
[15:19] <tsdgeos> sorry have to go for dinner
[15:19] <it-s> does anyone here know OpenGL well enough to clear?
[15:19] * it-s has to go cook dinner :P 
[15:19] <smajewsky> tsdgeos: Thanks for your input.
[15:19] <it-s> well
[15:20] <it-s> this isn't a bad idea
[15:20] <it-s> smajewsky: do you know how OpenGL works?
[15:20] <smajewsky> it-s: I read some OpenGL tutorials several years ago.
[15:20] <smajewsky> But that was very long ago.
[15:20] <it-s> smajewsky: if we *render* the scene just one (on demand), and then only update those part that change
[15:21] <it-s> would that save on CPU?
[15:21] <Baby> I don't think that'll work with 3D OpenGL
[15:21] <smajewsky> I do not how whether it's possible to render an OpenGL scene and get that image back in a platform-independent way.
[15:21] <smajewsky> If you want that, you would have to use a raytracing renderer or such.
[15:22] <smajewsky> Could we stay with the option to make Kolf2 as 2D for the start (to get it finished in time for 4.3) and introduce a 3D mode when it's done?
[15:22] <josef|samba> smajewsky: off-screen rendering works fine with OpenGL
[15:22] <it-s> sure. you are the dev - you decide
[15:22] <it-s> now then
[15:22] <it-s> if we are to do it 2d
[15:23] <it-s> then should we do it in iso?
[15:23] <josef|samba> smajewsky: btw. lokarest dep finding fixed, please svn up && test
[15:23] <smajewsky> I think we could provide the isometric mode as a preset camera perspective in the 3D mode.
[15:23] <icwiener> it-s: Could the ball then hide behind oblects?
[15:24] <smajewsky> icwiener: It should be feasible to make such objects semitransparent.
[15:24] <it-s> did you guys watch that you-tube vide I posted earlier?
[15:24] <icwiener> Ok.
[15:24] <it-s> video
[15:24] * icwiener has no flash
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[15:25] <it-s> it's just a screencapture of an Amiga golf game
[15:25] <it-s> basicly it features the iso game play
[15:25] <smajewsky> it-s: I watched some smaller parts of it.
[15:25] <Baby> gnash plays it OK
[15:25] <josef|samba> icwiener: you can download with 'youtube-dl' and watch them with mplayer
[15:26] <smajewsky> Well, iso has the advantage that you can better imagine heights, but it is more complicated in any technical aspect.
[15:26] <it-s> that's true
[15:27] <it-s> iso is rather difficult
[15:27] <it-s> but there are tutorials
[15:27] <icwiener> One of the bigger problems with Kolf now is (for me) that you cannot see where it is going upwards. Drafts are not visible enough. That might improve with iso... but could also be improved withouth I think.
[15:28] <smajewsky> Right. The 2D view in isometric projection means that I cannot use the collision detection supplied by Qt, and it makes the code more complex for virtually no benefit as you can also have isometric projection with 3D.
[15:28] <it-s> icwiener: that's exactly the problem we are trying to solve
[15:29] <it-s> smajewsky: so, no matter how we put this - the answer is 3d
[15:29] <icwiener> Or real 2d with better grafics for drafts?
[15:29] <smajewsky> The answer is 2D flat + 3D. Easy to solve, is an option for power savers, allows even two different views aside.
[15:29] <smajewsky> icwiener: What do you mean with drafts?
[15:30] <josef|samba> it-s: looking at the video, I'd also say OpenGL is more suitable here
[15:30] <icwiener> "hills" :)
[15:30] <Baby> It's not real 3D, is it? Zanny Golf I mean
[15:30] <smajewsky> Ah, okay.
[15:30] <Baby> it's 2D with heights
[15:30] <josef|samba> Baby: back then, there wasn't real 3D :)
[15:31] <Baby> well, 2'5 D is an option too
[15:31] <it-s> Baby: of course not. it's 2d iso
[15:31] <Baby> iso can also be 3D
[15:31] <smajewsky> I would like to render the whole grass in a solid item which then could provide more depth (i.e. contrast).
[15:32] <Baby> I mean 3D as in the world behaviour, independently of how you render it
[15:32] <it-s> smanot sure what do you mean by *solid object*
[15:33] <smajewsky> it-s: Currently, every slope and every sand bunker is a distinct object.
[15:33] <smajewsky> it-s: In my opinion, the grass should be a solid object which spans over the whole map. That makes it more logical.
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[15:33] <smajewsky> I.e. you cannot have a slope starting and ending at the same height.
[15:34] <it-s> smajewsky: ok
[15:34] <smajewsky> I think that what we got now is a good option. Next topic? (We are running out of time.)
[15:34] <it-s> so 3d it is.
[15:34] <josef|samba> Considering we've spent 50% of the time on 25% of the topics until now, should we defer details of kolf to a next meeting/the mailinglist?
[15:34] <smajewsky> 3D + 2D flat
[15:34] <it-s> now with opengl, or without?
[15:34] <smajewsky> 3D with OpenGL, 2D flat view without. One can choose between both.
[15:35] <smajewsky> For 4.3, we will have only 2D (unless someone comes and implements 3D in tremendous speed).
[15:35] <Parkotron> Is anyone here familiar with the game SimGolf?
[15:35] <Parkotron> It provides a nice sprite based isometric view.
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[15:36] <smajewsky> Okay everyone. Next topic?
[15:36] <kleag> hello. sorry to be late
[15:36] <josef|samba> next topic would be the emotional hot debate of package splitting
[15:36] <smajewsky> Right.
[15:36] <Half-Left> brb
[15:37] <smajewsky> Is anyone familiar with the current proposal?
[15:37] <josef|samba> I think the plane was to merge all the packager readme files into a single file, and explain what's all about it
[15:37] <josef|samba> s/plane/plan/
[15:37] * josef|samba already entering holiday season mentally
[15:38] <smajewsky> Baby: Would it be a benefit for packagers if the categorization is machine-readable?
[15:38] <it-s> ok. KDEGames split
[15:38] <icwiener> What's the purpose about one uge readme file?
[15:38] <it-s> et's do this\
[15:38] <it-s> now
[15:38] <smajewsky> icwiener: Readability.
[15:38] <Baby> I'm not exactly sure to understand the question
[15:39] <it-s> if you allow, I'll to quickly recope for you what was discussed at the akademy this year
[15:39] <smajewsky> Baby: Did you have a look at this already? http://websvn.kde.org/*checkout*/trunk/KDE/kdegames/README.PACKAGERS
[15:39] <it-s> basically we have argued that KDEGames is getting impossibley (unmanagebly) large
[15:39] <Baby> nope... reading it :)
[15:40] <it-s> and it would be a good aidea to split the whole thing into categories
[15:40] <tsdgeos> the purpose of one huge readme file is to ge able to point to games that are not in kdegames
[15:40] <tsdgeos> i'm back
[15:40] <it-s> back then we have drafter a set of categories to follow
[15:40] <it-s> which were:
[15:40] <it-s> Basic - all the games wo think is reasonable to includ into each KDE install
[15:41] <Baby> yup, it's kinda metapackages?
[15:41] <it-s> Extended - the rest of the games
[15:41] <it-s> Extra - the heavy games we would place into extragear
[15:41] <Baby> it makes a lot of sense :)
[15:41] <it-s> Friends - all the apps which are not in KDEgames, but we still consider them games
[15:42] <it-s> now. I would like to argue with the difinition
[15:42] <smajewsky> Baby: The point I asked for is, would it benefit for you if we made the list very machine-readable to let your buildsystem compile the metapackages automagically?
[15:42] <icwiener> Sounds reasonable.
[15:43] <kleag> the term "heavy" needs discussion.
[15:43] <it-s> I would like to change Extra from extragear games, to games that use more then desktop resourses
[15:43] <icwiener> It will be a constant fight about what is goingt to be in Basic.
[15:43] <Baby> I'm not exactly sure about whether it being machine-readable would be important
[15:43] <Parkotron> Sorry folks, I've got to go to a party. I'll read the log when I get back.
[15:43] <it-s> no, it won't
[15:43] * smajewsky remembers kleag wondering about KDiamond in "Basic"
[15:43] <it-s> Parkotron: have a good party :)
[15:44] <it-s> kdiamonds doesn't have to be in the basic
[15:44] <kleag> smajewsky: I was asking, not wondering :-)
[15:44] <tsdgeos> it-s: so don't call it Extra, just "powerhungy"
[15:44] <tsdgeos> but if you do tha
[15:44] <it-s> the basic should include the games that are currently most popular on desktop
[15:44] <tsdgeos> where do you put ktuberling?
[15:44] <it-s> tsdgeos: lets rename
[15:44] <tsdgeos> powerhungry not
[15:44] <smajewsky> Well, do we have statistics of what games are the most popular?
[15:44] <kleag> up to now, basic is wat is available with MS Windows, isn't it ?
[15:45] <Baby> I have to think about it, KDE games are currently being maintained by the KDE team, not by the Games Team, so I'm not really sure about the details of the packaging
[15:45] <tsdgeos> smajewsky: there's popcon of debian and ubuntu, not much meaningful though i'd say
[15:46] <Baby> you cannot really trust popcon further than for comparison with other packages
[15:46] <Baby> as absolute numbers, they're not very reliable
[15:47] <it-s> no, not ms windows
[15:47] <it-s> for basic we have to do a research
[15:47] <smajewsky> Agreed.
[15:48] <Baby> wget http://popcon.debian.org/all-popcon-results.txt.gz
[15:48] <Baby> 
[15:48] <it-s> so
[15:48] <Baby> that's all Debian's popcon results
[15:48] <smajewsky> From Ubuntu's popcon statistics, KTuberling is the most popular KDE game (place 2762).
[15:49] <it-s> basic - the games that we deem the most popular currently out there
[15:49] <smajewsky> Followed by KBattleShip and KAsteroids, then Kolf.
[15:49] <it-s> so then ktuberling should go into the basic
[15:49] <it-s> LOL
[15:49] <it-s> that's not possible
[15:49] <it-s> how do they decide that?
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[15:49] <smajewsky> Vote on the games.kde.org page, with announcement on dot.kde.org?
[15:50] <tsdgeos> i'm seeing this is taking us nowhere dudes
[15:50] <tsdgeos> it seemed to be a good idea back then in akademy
[15:50] <tsdgeos> but do that much work
[15:50] <tsdgeos> make people unhappy because their game was qualified as XXX
[15:50] <it-s> that's a good idea smajewsky
[15:50] <tsdgeos> and at the end, distros will do whatever they like more
[15:50] <Baby> XD
[15:51] <it-s> so, what do we do?
[15:51] <smajewsky> tsdgeos: At least, we cannot be blamed for not making suggestions.
[15:51] <it-s> just scrape the whole thing?>
[15:51] <icwiener> Maybe a discussion on the packagers list helps.
[15:51] <tsdgeos> smajewsky: i don't see anyone blamed us for that
[15:51] <Baby> I think it's a good idea
[15:51] <icwiener> This new list that was mentiones this week on the ML.
[15:51] <kleag> I would be ok with a basic basic as it is now.
[15:52] <josef|samba> tsdgeos: according to "mechanism vs. policy", maybe we should still show how to split packages into submodule groups, but not actually prefer one over the other?
[15:52] <josef|samba> ie. making it technically feasible without enforcing it
[15:52] <tsdgeos> no idea
[15:52] <smajewsky> josef|samba: Isn't that what is already done through the categorization into tactics, arcade, board games etc.?
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[15:53] <smajewsky> Or what would your categories look like?
[15:53] <tsdgeos> i'd just scrap it, but i'm not doing the work, so let the ones that work decide :-)
[15:53] <kleag> extended/extra can be conceived on a lot of different characteristics: size is just one and not very important in my opinion
[15:54] <josef|samba> smajewsky: well, also including extragear+friends... and I think the categories are too many for that purpose, especially since they're also very unevenly distributed
[15:54] <kleag> why not keep the categorization around tactics, etc. and add an info about source size ?
[15:55] <icwiener> What's the source size important for?
[15:55] <smajewsky> And who updates that info, then?
[15:56] <kleag> don't knw
[15:56] <kleag> sorry,  don't know but wasn't it one of the charatecristics used above ? (huge games)
[15:57] <smajewsky> So you do not mean source size like in "2 megabytes", but like in "comes with many textures and sounds".
[15:57] <icwiener> ohcount? :D
[15:59] <smajewsky> It seems like we cannot come to a complete solution in time for 4.2. Is there anyone who disagrees with the status quo that is in SVN?
[15:59] <icwiener> No.
[15:59] <tsdgeos> yes
[15:59] <icwiener> :)
[16:00] <it-s> so then we will leave this for later
[16:00] <kleag> except for ksirk that should be moved to EXTENDED, I'm ok :-)
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[16:00] <smajewsky> dimsuz: hi
[16:00] <dimsuz> hi
[16:00] <it-s> (sorry I don't quite participate, but I'm currently cooking :P and chating and making sure fuud doesn't burn is a difficult task :) :D )
[16:00] <smajewsky> it-s: I know what you're talking about. :-P
[16:01] <icwiener> tsdgeos: What would you do with the file?
[16:01] <tsdgeos> remove it until we agree on them :D
[16:01] <tsdgeos> although i doubt it'll be read
[16:02] <tsdgeos> i have a README.packagers in blinken noone really reads :D
[16:02] <it-s> really?
[16:02] <it-s> tsdgeos: did you let them know there is one?
[16:02] <tsdgeos> and how do i do it?
[16:02] <Half-Left> it-s: Not much chat about graphics eh? :)
[16:02] <tsdgeos> packagers is an unexistant entity
[16:02] <it-s> the one and only reason i'm behind this idea is cos currently distros pack, and supply the games as they're pleased
[16:03] <it-s> and then we get blamed for so-snd-so game is not there
[16:03] <tsdgeos> it-s: and they will continue to do that
[16:03] <tsdgeos> it's their decision
[16:03] <it-s> also their choices are dumb!
[16:03] <tsdgeos> not yours nor mine
[16:03] <it-s> I know
[16:03] <smajewsky> But that's what I meant earlier. At least, we cannot be blamed for the distributions' decisions.
[16:03] <tsdgeos> it-s: show me a single blame tha came to us
[16:03] <Half-Left> Cough* SUSE, Kubuntu Cough*
[16:03] <it-s> smajewsky: my point exactly
[16:04] <tsdgeos> and i'll buy your argument
[16:05] <it-s> well...
[16:05] <it-s> not yet :)
[16:05] <josef|samba> tsdgeos: where is blinken, anyway?
[16:05] <it-s> but there will be
[16:05] <tsdgeos> josef|samba: kdeedu
[16:05] <it-s> you mark my word :P
[16:05] <josef|samba> ah
[16:05] <tsdgeos> for me the initial purpose
[16:05] <tsdgeos> was to link things like bliken, tagua, etc that are not in kdegames
[16:06] <tsdgeos> not to create bad feelings amongst devels
[16:06] <smajewsky> But that is not something that belongs to the packager's job.
[16:06] <smajewsky> That is more the job of the marketing.
[16:06] <tsdgeos> right
[16:06] <tsdgeos> smajewsky: remeber we are NOT packagers :-)
[16:06] <tsdgeos> KDE only releases source code
[16:06] <josef|samba> tsdgeos: we could highlight the games more on games.kde.org
[16:07] <tsdgeos> josef|samba: that too, but we still have some games that WE release not there
[16:07] <josef|samba> that's what I mean - we should mention edu, playground, external games as additional sources
[16:08] <it-s> tsdgeos: so, lets then have a file in the root saying "we want this to be added in"
[16:08] <it-s> tsdgeos: and scrape the rest
[16:08] <smajewsky> it-s: Sounds good.
[16:08] <josef|samba> in fact, there is some info on additional games in the README file, the section was once added by myself :)
[16:09] <it-s> allright. I have added those files in, and I'll make sure I remove them. but tsdgeos you will have to prepare the friends file :P
[16:09] <smajewsky> Next topic?
[16:09] <it-s> the reason is that I'm not sure what those friends are :P
[16:09] <it-s> sure
[16:10] <it-s> I think we can safely skip the 4.2 preparations
[16:10] <it-s> since ther isn't much to do there, except for bug fixing
[16:10] <it-s> so the next topic is:
[16:10] <it-s> dead maintainers, and how to deal with the phenomena
[16:10] <it-s> :D
[16:10] <it-s> tsdgeos: it's up to you 
[16:10] <tsdgeos> well
[16:11] <tsdgeos> i don't know how to deal with the phenomena
[16:11] <tsdgeos> i just want to know who they are
[16:11] <smajewsky> For 4.2, we could use a page listing all games and some check areas, so someone with some bit of time can (for example) check the gameplay in KBattleShip.
[16:11] <tsdgeos> so we need to update http://techbase.kde.org/Projects/Games/Maintainers
[16:11] <tsdgeos> basically you do that by ensuring all games that are in kdegames are listed there
[16:12] <tsdgeos> and you mail people listed there and ask them if they still have to be maintainers
[16:12] <tsdgeos> have *time* to be
[16:12] <tsdgeos> and then
[16:12] <tsdgeos> once this is uptodate we update the info on bugs.kde.org
[16:12] <josef|samba> tsdgeos: should there maybe be a new column "last updated on..."?
[16:13] <tsdgeos> in that table?
[16:13] <josef|samba> yes
[16:13] <tsdgeos> sounks ok
[16:13] <smajewsky> josef|samba:Good idea.
[16:13] <smajewsky> Is everyone okay with me creating such a column?
[16:13] <Half-Left> tsdgeos: Why not put the graphics maintainers as well because they assume the maintainer on there does the graphics
[16:13] <it-s> Half-Left: good i
[16:13] <tsdgeos> Half-Left: for each game?
[16:13] <it-s> Half-Left: good idea
[16:14] <icwiener> Maybe a Last updated Note for the whole table might be enought.
[16:14] <icwiener> Just ask all the people one in a while and update the whole table.
[16:14] <Baby> yup, Half-Left is right
[16:14] <Half-Left> tsdgeos: Yep because then they can ask me about it rather than the maintainer who maynot be here
[16:14] <tsdgeos> smajewsky: i'm with icwiener here, we should update the table as a whole
[16:14] <tsdgeos> which makes the column not useful as we already have wiki history :D
[16:15] <smajewsky> tsdgeos: I'm skeptical. If one person is not reachable, the whole table update is blocked.
[16:15] <smajewsky> The wiki history would only reflect when the entry was created.
[16:15] <tsdgeos> Half-Left: it's ok for me if you want to be listed in all the games :D
[16:15] <tsdgeos> smajewsky: good point
[16:15] <icwiener> Isn't "not reachable" a sign for unmaintained? I mean. The one updating the table coule even mention that behind the name or so.
[16:15] <icwiener> I think an extra column is too much for the purpose.
[16:16] <tsdgeos> icwiener: maybe he's on holiday?
[16:16] <smajewsky> tsdgeos: That is the point.
[16:16] <Half-Left> tsdgeos: kBreakout, kbounce, Kpat, lskat for me for now :p
[16:16] <josef|samba> Half-Left: + vencedor icons
[16:16] <Half-Left> :)
[16:17] <icwiener> John Doe<br /> (not reachable 2008-11-37)
[16:17] <icwiener> Something like that?
[16:17] <josef|samba> icwiener: this introduces microformats and breaks the semantics of the table columns, strictly spoken
[16:17] <tsdgeos> i can see kbreakout missing in that table
[16:17] <tsdgeos> smajewsky: are you up for the task?
[16:18] <smajewsky> tsdgeos: I can do that, but what scheme did we decide on? I'm currently involved in another discussion here. ^^
[16:18] <CIA-12> chuet * r891000 KGLEngineRefactoring/trunk/playground/games/KGLEngineRefactoring/ (17 files in 3 dirs):
[16:18] <CIA-12> moved the textures management in another class, using an abstract class as interface for more versatility.
[16:18] <CIA-12> Modified the pong in order to use this new system (not finished)
[16:19] <tsdgeos> smajewsky: first make sure the games list is coorect (no missing or extra games), then contact people and ask if they are still doing maintainership (be polite, we don't want people to get offended for getting such a mail) and then fill up that new column
[16:20] <smajewsky> Sounds possible. I'll do that through the next week.
[16:20] <tsdgeos> good :-)
[16:20] <tsdgeos> it-s: kampkde?
[16:20] --> Packadal has joined this channel ([email protected]).
[16:20] <it-s> oh sorry
[16:21] <it-s> I was just getting my homey-garlik shriomp into the dish :)
[16:21] <it-s> honey
[16:21] <it-s> (it's hard to be the only person in the entire family who can cook)
[16:21] <it-s> well. it's just that
[16:21] <tsdgeos> who's going?
[16:21] <it-s> I have got the update from CampKDE
[16:21] <it-s> they have chosen my presentation
[16:22] <smajewsky> it-s: congratulations
[16:22] <it-s> I'll be talking about KDEGames
[16:22] <it-s> so, that means I'm going
[16:22] <it-s> not sure if anyone else wants to join me there
[16:22] <it-s> but that's another topic
[16:22] * josef|samba sends cheers to it-s (and a spellchecker for his campkde slides, just in case... ;-)
[16:23] <smajewsky> That's a bit too far for me. ^^
[16:23] <it-s> I just wanted to let you know about it, and ask if anyone wants/can help me with the presentation
[16:23] <it-s> cos it will be from all of us, not just me
[16:23] <it-s> but right now I have to run :)
[16:24] <it-s> as mt family demands food
[16:24] <it-s> and unless I deliver it now, I'll be eaten myself
[16:24] <kleag> it-s: what are the dates ? ask for any help. Bon appétit.
[16:24] <it-s> so I guess this concludes our meeting
[16:24] <CIA-12> soytetir * r891001 messages/trunk/l10n-kde4/tr/messages/kdegames/ (killbots.po ksirk.po): some fixes, add killbots
[16:24] <it-s> thank you all for coming today
[16:24] <smajewsky> Anything else that is very important for someone?
[16:24] <it-s> it was a pleasure as usual

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