KDE GB/Minutes October 2010

KDE GB AGM 2010-10-02

Agenda: membership, charity registration, position holders, trustees

Present: Jonathan Riddell, Kenny Duffus, Colin Guthrie, Nickie McFerson, Paul Adams, Thomas McGuire, David Jarvie

1. Membership

We want to change the constitution to clarify how members are accepted. membership applications are made by applying to the secretary. The memberhip will be notified (via our mailing list, or at a meeting). If there are no objections within a week from notification the member is accepted. Else the existing members will vote on the membership.

A membership database will be kept by the secretary.

We will update our constitution to reflect the above.

Current members:

   Anne Wilson
   Chris Howells
   David Jarvie
   Jonathan Riddell
   Colin Guthrie
   Fred Emmott
   Kenny Coyle
   Kenny Duffus
   Thomas McGuire
   Mike McQuaid
   Mark Purcell
   Paul Adams
   Peter Murdoch
   Richard Moore
   Stuart Jarvis
   George Goldberg

To be claified:

   Andy Crouch
   Ben Lamb
   Matt Williams
   Malcolm Hunter
   Tom Gillespie

We will clarify the status of membership to the members of the mailing list, publishing the current members and asking if anyone wants to apply.

1.1. Votes

On votes quorum will be 25% of the membership. Decisions made by simple majority. The option with the most votes wins.

2. Charity Registration

We will register as a charity with the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator.

2.1 Data Protection

We will register with the necessary authorities for data protection.

3. Position Holders

We will retain treasurer as Jonathan, secretary as Kenny. We will ask Stuart Jarvis if he wishes to become chair to replace Chris Howells.

4. Trustees

We will appoint Jonathan Riddell as a trustee. We will appoint Kenny Duffus as a trustee. We will confirm with Stuart if he wants to be a trustee.

5. KDE e.V. Organisation

We will sign the agreement making KDE GB the official representative of KDE e.V. in our territory. We will ensure the agreement is not in conflict with the roll in the trustees of KDE GB as a charity.

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