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  • A new book will be created at the Randa Sprint, August 2014: Frameworks Cookbook.

This space is for gathering ideas, "recipes" for the book in advance. We'll assume that all the released frameworks listed here will have at least one recipe. Our goal: a comprehensive collection of problems, solutions, and practical examples for anyone programming with our frameworks.

As David Narvaez said on Frameworks-devel list,

Cookbooks...go straight to the point of solving concrete problems, and while specific code snippets may end up being deprecated in time, the idea of "I can solve this problem by mashing up these 3 frameworks" will be essentially valid for a longer time. ... the cool idea of Frameworks is that they are useful for general problem solving, so lets market them using real problems. If people like this idea, then we can spend some time coming up with problems you can solve using Frameworks and then take (pre?-)Randa time to solve them, then write those solutions in the book.

Your ideas need not be fleshed-out; note down your inspiration, and we'll help one another fill out and test the problem/solution recipes. It is also OK to note that something should be added to the API documentation. This is a workspace page. We'll be using it for ideas, rather than a source to copy from.

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