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KDE Developer Guide

The KDE Developer Guide is a Books project initially written in 2011 as part of the Google Summer of Code program.

Current State of Developer Guide

As the guide was written in 2011, it does contain a lot of outdated information. Most of the changes required to update the guide consist of changing the URLs of dead links to new links. These changes generally fall into one of two categories: changing techbase.kde.org links to community.kde.org links, or finding new resources for dead links from external sources, notably Nokia's documentation for QT.

Known Issues

Please add any known issues in the current guide below.

Note: this list is by no means exhaustive. In particular, the Glossary section should be proof read by someone with a greater understanding of the KDE ecosystem.


  • Update URLs to https.
  • KDE4 is referenced throughout.

Section 3. How To Get Help

Section 5. The QT Framework

Section 6. Using git For KDE Development

Section 7. Choosing An IDE

  • Update KDevelop 4 to KDevelop 5.

Section 10. Prerequisites

  • All distribution specific build instructions have been removed and have no equivalent page on Community.

Section 11. Other Ways To Build The KDE SC

  • Update Project Neon to KDE Neon equivalent.
  • All OpenSuse links are dead.

Section 12. Scripted KDE Builds (kdesrc-build)

  • Update mixed usage of SVN and git.
  • Update kdesrc-build build requirements link, if still required.
  • Update Running Your New KDE Installation section - most of this information appears to be outdated.

Section 13. Troubleshooting Your KDE Build

  • Add matrix to IRC and Mailing List for more help.

Section 15. Useful Tools

  • Add Valgrind to Debugging and Analysis Tools.
  • Update QT Creator link (Nokia link 404s for obvious reasons).

Section 16. KDE Developer Guide Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Update Valgrind from TechBase to Valgrind. This can likely be removed entirely, as it is covered in Section 15. Useful Tools.
  • Update Introduction to Bugzilla from TechBase to Community. Note: there is currently no Introduction to Bugzilla on Community - should this be created or link to an external resource?

Section 18. Useful Links

  • Update KDE TechBase description to reflect it is for developers consuming KDE projects.
  • Consider removal of Behind KDE or updating it (hasn't been used since 2012).

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