KDE Core/Platform 11/QtLibraryCollection

This page contains rough working notes from discussion sessions at Platform 11, the contents of which may not accurately reflect any decisions made. Please do not infer anything from these notes, official summaries of the conclusions reached will be made available for discussion as soon as possible.

immediate goal

  • website with database of avialable libraries
  • command line tool


  • libraries
  • uses Qt
  • open source as defined by DFSG

out of scope

  • proprietary
  • no selling mechanism


  • Qt developers
  • both open source and proprietary

long term possibility

  • built packages

host code?


  • More reliable
    • don't have to rely on 3rd parties being online/available
    • no broken links


  • Need to do legal
  • More bandwidth and disk

Decision: host downloads .. tarballs + meta file (investigate using DOAP for the latter)

desired features

  • Metadata editable in website:
    • Name
    • License
    • Homepage link
    • Documentation link
    • Build system
  • Use KDE Identity for log in
  • Add/remove/update
  • Search driven
  • "Most downloaded" list
  • Comments
  • User ratings (multi-question survey)
  • No approval process, but a "report problem" link*
  • Uploads go under vendor namespaces, e.g. KDE/solid

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