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One of the "coding" tasks consisted of actually going through our Find*.cmake files in kdelibs and its siblings and check what could be removed, upstreamed or merged in the future.

The following tables look not only at the Find files, but also at some helper CMake files which may also cease to exist or move together with their Find counterparts.

kdelibs, kdepimlibs, kde-baseapps, kde-runtime and kde-workspace were analysed.

Check*.cmake files

File Name Exists in CMake Plan Comments Style Status Who
CheckCXXSourceCompiles.cmake Yes Upstream to CMake Our version supports linking against imported targets, upstream CMake doesn't. Search mailing list for CMake developers' rationale, maybe upstream. Began to diverge; CMake has FAIL_REGEX support, our version handles imported targets (Alex said CMake developers did not accept this feature upstream, need to search the mailing list archives). Ok DONE Alex
CheckCXXSourceRuns.cmake Yes See above. See above Ok DONE Alex
CheckCXXSymbolExists.cmake No Upstream to CMake Either check if we still support glibc 2.9, perhaps try upstreaming. Almost equivalent to CMake's CheckSymbolExists.cmake, just creates .cxx files instead of .c ones. Ok DONE Alex
CheckPointerMember.cmake No Upstream to CMake (or ECM) Only used by krdc. Calls check_cxx_source_compiles on a struct with a given member. Ok Need feedback. ?
CheckPrototypeExists.cmake No Port to CheckPrototypeDefinition.cmake Ok Usages still need to be replaced ?
CheckStructMember.cmake No Remove CMake has CheckStructHasMember.cmake, but out version uses a C++ compiler for checking. Simply remove or add a CheckCXXStructHasMember.cmake to CMake ? Where is it used where C++ is needed ? - Need feedback -

Generic Macros

File Name Exists in CMake Plan Comments Style Status Who
MacroAddCompileFlags.cmake No Remove A trivial macro, used only in few places (kdm mainly I think). Use set_property(APPEND_STRING) instead - DONE Alex
MacroAddLinkFlags.cmake No Remove A trivial macro, used only in few places (kdm mainly I think).Use set_property(APPEND_STRING) instead - DONE Alex
MacroAdditionalCleanFiles.cmake No Remove Use set_property(DIRECTORY APPEND PROPERTY ADDITIONAL_MAKE_CLEAN_FILES file1 ... ) instead - DONE Alex
MacroAppendIf.cmake No Remove Not used anywhere. (Raphael) Really ? (Alex) Ok Need feedback ?
MacroBoolTo01.cmake No Upstream to ECM Ok Need feedback ?
MacroEnsureOutOfSourceBuild.cmake No Upstream to CMake (or ECM) Many people request something like this on the cmake list. Ok Need feedback ?
MacroEnsureVersion.cmake No Upstream? to ECM ? Or Remove ? It doesn't do much more than if(... VERSION_GREATER ...) . This was not available yet in 2007 when the macro was written. Ok Need feedback ?
MacroKAuth.cmake No Remove. Already deprecated. - DONE Alex
MacroLibrary.cmake No Upstream to ECM The idea of this file is that it simply includes all macro files so as user you have to include only this one file and get all macro from ECM. Ok Need feedback. ?
MacroLogFeature.cmake No Remove and extend CMake's FeatureSummary as necessary. Investigate CMake's FeatureSummary, what needs to be added so that MacroLogFeature becomes unnecessary. This requires some real work. Ok DONE Alex
MacroOptionalAddSubdirectory.cmake No Upstream to ECM Will not be accepted into CMake Ok DONE Alex
MacroOptionalDependPackage.cmake No Remove Broken, expects a FindFoo.cmake possibly provided by the application itself. - DONE Alex
MacroOptionalFindPackage.cmake No Remove in CMake 2.8.6 each find_package() call can be disabled via CMAKE_DISABLE_FIND_PACKAGE_PackageName. - DONE Alex
MacroPushRequiredVars.cmake No Upstream to CMake Useful when testing for stuff using check_function_exists() etc. Renamed to cmake_push/pop_check_state() Ok DONE Alex
MacroWriteBasicCMakeVersionFile.cmake and BasicFindPackageVersion.cmake.in No Upstream to CMake Useful for every package which installs a FooConfig.cmake file Ok DONE Alex
kde4exportsheader.h.in No Upstream to CMake Used in KDE4Macros.cmake Ok DONE Stephen

KDE specific stuff

In this table, files are listed which are mostly KDE4-specific and which belong to KDE. Still some of them might be candidates for upstreaming.

File Name Plan Comments Style Status Who
FindKDE4Internal.cmake Keep in kdelibs, but mostly replace with installed FooConfig.cmake files The FooConfig.cmake files feature did not exist when we started to use cmake for KDE. If it would have already existed back then, this file wouldn't exist in the form as it is today. Ok Need feedback ?
KDE4Macros.cmake Keep in kdelibs Will be included from the installed Config.cmake file Ok Need feedback ?
Win32Macros.cmake Keep, refactor/rename. Used by KDE4Macros.cmake under Windows. It contains currently exactly one macro, so the name is misleading. So-so Need feedback ?
kde4init_dummy.cpp.in and kde4init_win32lib_dummy.cpp.in Keep in kdelibs Used by KDE4Macros.cmake. Necessary for kdeinit support Ok Decided -
kde4_exec_via_sh.cmake Keep in kdelibs Used by KDE4Macros.cmake Ok Decided. -
kde4uic.cmake Keep in kdelibs or remove Still necessary with Qt5 ? Ok Need feedback ?
KDE4Defaults.cmake Keep in kdelibs Ok Need feedback ? -
kde4automoc.files.in Remove This file is unused, it is already in automoc in kdesupport - Decided -
kde4_cmake_uninstall.cmake.in Upstream to CMake (or ECM) This is used to automatically create an uninstall target. Currently done by FindKDE4Internal.cmake. This could be made into a macro in ECM, which is called by FindKDE4Internal.cmake Ok Need feedback ?
check_installed_exports_file.cmake ? Have to check. Looks like keep or upstream. I think the issue mentioned in the file is still valid. Ok Need feedback ?


In this table, "upstreaming" a module can mean sending it to either CMake itself or the external modules collection.


Exist in cmake

All the following modules should be synced with CMake, so we can remove our own copies.

We have to make sure that

File Name Comments Status Who
FindBoost.cmake Remove. Already deprecated. DONE Alex
FindFlex.cmake Merge with FindFLEX.cmake in CMake. DONE Alex
FindFreetype.cmake Upstream is more complete. Remove our version. DONE Alex
FindGIF.cmake Merge with cmake DONE Alex
FindGettext.cmake Merge or provide our macros separately. We have some macros used in release tarballs. DONE Raphael
FindLibXml2.cmake Remove. Upstream is identical. DONE Alex
FindLibXslt.cmake Our version has some more features. Merge them into the cmake version, then remove our version. DONE Alex
FindOpenSSL.cmake Remove. Upstream is pretty much identical, should even solve some reported build issues. DONE Raphael, Alex
FindPackageHandleStandardArgs.cmake Remove once we depend on 2.8.4 DONE Alex
FindPkgConfig.cmake Remove, upstream is identical. DONE Alex
FindPostgreSQL.cmake Probably remove. Upstream looks more complete. DONE Alex
FindPythonLibrary.cmake CMake has FindPythonInterp.cmake and FindPythonLibs.cmake. Try to merge with CMake. TODO Marcus
FindQt4.cmake, Qt4Macros.cmake and Qt4ConfigDependentSettings.cmake Sync with CMake 2.8.6, then remove our copy. We may need to keep a copy because we often need newest Qt but don't want to depend on newest CMake all the time. But with Qt5 FindQt4 will be obsolete anyway. TODO ?
FindRUBY.cmake CMake has FindRuby.cmake.Remove our copy DONE Alex
FindX11.cmake Merge with CMake. DONE Alex

Does not exist in cmake

File Name Exists in CMake Comments Style Reviewed
FindACL.cmake No
FindAGG.cmake No
FindAlsa.cmake and config-alsa.h.cmake No Upstream without config.h?
FindAkode.cmake No Remove.
FindAutomoc4.cmake No Remove, automoc is now in cmake since 2.8.6. DONE
FindAvahi.cmake No Upstream?
FindBerkeleyDB.cmake No Upstream?
FindBlitz.cmake No Remove, already deprecated.
FindBlueZ.cmake No Upstream?
FindCarbon.cmake No ?
FindDBusMenuQt.cmake No Remove in favour of DBMQ providing a Config.cmake file?
FindDNSSD.cmake No Merge with FindAvahi.cmake and upstream?
FindDocBookXML.cmake No Upstream?
FindDocBookXSL.cmake No Upstream?
FindENCHANT.cmake No Upstream?
FindEigen.cmake No Remove, already deprecated.
FindEigen2.cmake No Remove in favour of Eigen providing a Config.cmake file?
FindFAM.cmake No Upstream?
FindFFmpeg.cmake No Upstream?
FindFlac.cmake No Upstream?
FindFontconfig.cmake No Upstream?
FindGLIB2.cmake No Upstream? Merge with FindQObject ?
FindGMP.cmake No Upstream?
FindGObject.cmake No Upstream? Merge with FindGLIB2.cmake ?
FindGSSAPI.cmake No Upstream?
FindGStreamer.cmake No Upstream?
FindGphoto2.cmake No Upstream?
FindHUNSPELL.cmake No Upstream?
FindHUpnp.cmake No Upstream?
FindIOKit.cmake No Upstream?
FindKDEWorkspace.cmake No Remove in favour of a Config.cmake file.
FindKDEWIN32.cmake, FindKDEWIN_Packager.cmake and FindKDEWin.cmake No ?
FindKDevPlatform.cmake No Remove in favour of a Config.cmake file.
FindKNepomuk.cmake No Already deprecated?
FindKdcraw.cmake No Upstream?
FindKdeMultimedia.cmake No Remove in favour of a Config.cmake file.
FindKdepim.cmake No Remove DONE
FindKdepimLibs.cmake No Remove in favour of a Config.cmake file. DONE
FindKexiv2.cmake No Upstream?
FindKipi.cmake No Remove in favour of a Config.cmake file.
FindKopete.cmake No Remove in favour of a Config.cmake file.
FindKorundum.cmake No Remove in favour of a Config.cmake file.
FindKonto.cmake No Already deprecated?
FindLCMS.cmake No Upstream?
FindLibArt.cmake No Upstream?
FindLibAttica.cmake No Remove in favour of a Config.cmake file.
FindLibKonq.cmake No Remove in favour of a Config.cmake file.
FindLibLZMA.cmake No Upstream?
FindLibintl.cmake No Upstream?
FindLibraryWithDebug.cmake No Upstream to CMake?
FindLinuxWirelesstools.cmake No Upstream?
FindMsgfmt.cmake No Upstream?
FindMusicBrainz.cmake No Upstream?
FindMySQL.cmake No Upstream?
FindNepomuk.cmake No Remove in favour of a Config.cmake file.
FindNetworkManager.cmake No Upstream?
FindOggVorbis.cmake No Upstream?
FindOpenEXR.cmake No Upstream?
FindPCRE.cmake No Upstream?
FindPhonon.cmake No Remove in favour of a Config.cmake file.
FindPlasma.cmake No Remove, Deprecated. DONE
FindPolkitQt-1.cmake No Remove in favour of a Config.cmake file.
FindPolkitQt.cmake No Remove in favour of a Config.cmake file.
FindPopplerQt4.cmake No Ask tsdgeos to provide a Config.cmake
FindPulseAudio.cmake No Upstream to cmake ?
FindPyKDE4.cmake and FindPyKDE4.py No ?
FindPyQt4.cmake and FindPyQt.py No ?
FindQCA2.cmake No Remove in favour of a Config.cmake file?
FindQImageBlitz.cmake No Remove in favour of a Config.cmake file?
FindSamba.cmake No Upstream to cmake ?
FindSane.cmake No Upstream to cmake ?
FindSasl2.cmake No Upstream to cmake ?
FindSharedDesktopOntologies.cmake No Remove in favour of a Config.cmake file.
FindSharedMimeInfo.cmake No Upstream to ecm
FindSoprano.cmake No Remove in favour of a Config.cmake file. DONE
FindSqlite.cmake No Upstream to cmake ?
FindStrigi.cmake No Remove in favour of a Config.cmake file? Strigi is messy.
FindTaglib.cmake No Remove in favour of a Config.cmake file.
FindUDev.cmake No Upstream to cmake ?
FindUSB.cmake No Rename and upstream?
FindWcecompat.cmake No What is this ?
FindXKB.cmake No Upstream to cmake
FindXine.cmake No Upstream to cmake ?
FindXMMS.cmake No Remove as XMMS is dead?


File Name Exists in CMake Plan Comments Status
FindLibTidy.cmake No Upstream?


File Name Exists in CMake Plan Comments Status
FindCLucene.cmake No Upstream?
FindLibSSH.cmake No Upstream?
FindQNtrack.cmake No Upstream?
FindSLP.cmake No Upstream?


File Name Exists in CMake Plan Comments
FindCkConnector.cmake No Upstream?
FindDBus.cmake No Upstream one of the many different copies in the KDE tree.
FindGooglegadgets.cmake No Does this still exist? If not, remove.
FindLibXKlavier.cmake No Upstream?
FindPAM.cmake No Upstream?
FindPCIUTILS.cmake No Upstream?
FindQalculate.cmake No Upstream?
FindRAW1394.cmake No Upstream?
FindSensors.cmake No Rename and upstream?
FindOpenGLES.cmake No Upstream?
FindKephal.cmake No Remove in favour of a Config.cmake file.
Findlibgps.cmake No Rename and upstream?


File Name Exists in CMake Plan Comments
FindAkonadi.cmake No Remove Done
FindGpgme.cmake No Upstream?
FindLdap.cmake No Upstream?
FindLibical.cmake No Upstream?
FindQgpgme.cmake No Remove in favour of a Config.cmake file.


In general, they contain KDE-specific code which should not be upstreamed.

File Name Plan Comments
NepomukAddOntologyClasses.cmake Merge into NepomukMacros.cmake? Need to contact trueg about that.
PythonCompile.py and PythonMacros.cmake Upstream?
SIPMacros.cmake Upstream?