General Information

Who is Who

  • Dennis (Marble): KF5 porting, general Marble stuff, GSoC stuff
  • Torsten (Marble): general Marble stuff, GSoC stuff
  • Calin (Marble): polishing marble GSoC stuff (annotation plugin)
  • Sanjiban (Marble): GSoC polishing, preparing presentation videos
  • Vijay Dhameliya (KStars, Khangman): Polishing features, Documentation, (Basic) Porting.
  • Andreas (Rocs, Artikulate): KF5 porting, refactoring
  • Holger (GCompris): design/brainstorm of organization console
  • David (Kig): KF5 porting (shall be ready for December release), GSoC stuff
  • Albert (KGeography, Blinken): mainly in the SDK room


KF5 Porting

DATE: Monday 11:00am

  • Applications that are in Progress/Done:
    • Marble: Qt5-only at the moment -> ready
    • Kig: in progress (will hopefully be finished this meeting)
    • Rocs: in progress -> goal is December release
    • Artikulate: in progress -> goal is December release
    • KStars: in progress
    • KGeography: kind of done -> December
    • KLettres: in progress
    • Blinken: should not be that hard - > maybe December
    • KAlgebra: done
    • Analitza: done
    • Khipu: hopefully for next release
    • Parley: in progress
    • Step: done
  • Unknown Status/Not started yet
    • Cantor
    • Kalzium
    • KBruch
    • Kiten
    • KHangman
    • KTouch

Edu Presentations

DATE: Monday 2:00pm, computer room

  • show others the apps you are currently working on

GCompris cooperation


  • Present KDE Edu to the GCompris team
  • The GCompris team presents the status of the Qt Quick port and were they are going.
  • Define cooperation opportunities

GCompris administration

DATE: Tuesday 10am

The GCompris team will work on specifying and prototyping an administration module for the Qt Quick version of GCompris. We are already tracking this work on our Wiki.

The idea is to offer and option for teachers to manage a classroom with several computers (or tablets) running GCompris. This will probably have the form of a central web site were the teacher creates profiles for his GCompris users. In this connected mode, the teacher can:

  • control the activity list provided to the children,
  • adapt of create exercises for the children,
  • get real time feedback about their accomplishments.

KDE Edu Website


  • AppData Files: Since recently, we ship appdata files for all our applications. On the other hand, we have JSON files generated from the application's desktop files (interestingly, the update script is broken since we migrated to Git) that are used for the website. The question is: can we replace the JSON files and update them from the appdata files.
  • Application Pages vs. Automatic Content: concept for handling automatic generated and hand-made application pages, is there a way to merge them?

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