KDE Edu Sprint 2013 in A Coruña

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  • Organization is done via https://sprints.kde.org
  • Contacts:
    • Aleix Pol Gonzalez (Coordinator)
    • José Millán Soto (Local Team)
  • Local partner: GPUL


Please add to this list your personal goals (different to the discussion topics) that you would like to achieve with this sprint:

  • Andreas:
    • Gui review of Artikulate
    • vision how our learning applications can work better together to provide a better learning experience
    • a prototype of a learner profile/learner progress library
  • ...

Suggestions & comments from teachers

Comments from Antonio

Discussion Topics

Please add topics you want to discuss at the sprint below. For an efficient and productive discussion it is important to prepare in advance what you want to talk about :)

Topic: Language Learning Apps Crossover

  • Organizer: Andreas

Discussion points:

  1. creating library to better handle learner profiles and learning progress data across language applications (KTouch has such profiles, Parley has learning progress data, Artikulate will have both, maybe others also?)
  2. the Artikulate people would like to have Artikulate become part of KDE Edu next spring, what are the rough edges that must be polished until then?
  3. learning resources: explain the plan for using *-data repositories for Artikluate and Kvtml and gather feedback
  4. long term plan of Parley along with KWordQuiz


not discussed yet

Topic: Libkdeedu

  • Organizer: ?

Question to be discussed: what is our plan with the library? Shall we take the KF5 opportunity and clean and split it up?


not discussed yet

Topic: Language Learning Personas

I have a draft of Personas for language learning applications and want to gather feedback.


not discussed yet

Topic: Migration to Qt5 & KDE Frameworks


  • Figure out what are the KF5 modules we'll be depending on
  • Prepare for a future porting
  • [2]

Topic: Math Apps

  • Organizer: Aleix Pol
  • See how we can better integrate the different math applications, namely Cantor, KAlgebra and Khipu.
  • Work on Khipu 1.0
  • Find a way to use a LaTeX or MathML editor for WYSIWYG use cases.
  • Explore the possibility to include Kig core capabilities into analitzaplot.
  • Following KAlgebra's example, we can coordinate a way to create video tutorials that show how to use all our math applications.
  • Organizer: Punit Mehta
  • Worked done on Khipu 1.0 for its first release.
    • GSoC'13 work and other bug fixings.
    • Does it need any improvements in the current stage ?
    • What to be done after the release ?
  • How to integrate most of the things of KmPlot in Khipu so that we can replace KmPlot completely ?
  • Any improvements in the Current UI of Khipu (May be for the later versions) ?
  • Some enhancement from analitza side and intergration of those in Khipu.
  • Other Math applications of KDE.


not discussed yet

Topic: KDE Edu on Mobile

  • Organizer: Aleix Pol
  • Figure out how far we can go now, especially considering Qt5 new capabilities.


not discussed yet

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