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The http://edu.kde.org website

We'll switch to the new Capacity template, this should be done before Akademy. IRC meeting in 2 weeks then again before going live.

The presentation of what we are and what we do should be very brief and in simple words. It should focus on what the user will find more than on what we propose. 3 lines. "You will find maths, languages, ... tools for teachers,..."

On top, in the menu:

News --- About Us ----- Applications ----- Contact Us

        users stories    Kids              - mailing list
                         School            - forum
                         University        - userbase
                         All Applications  - IRC
                                           - press
                                           - graphics (how to use the logo and icons)

Aleix will work on it with annma and set his own server to test it. Contact: neverendingo (nickname of Ingo)

Users stories: link Vox Humanitatis here

Have a userbase page where users could do suggestions for applications

TO DISCUSS: what about the HotStuff on the website server? Can't some be moved to kde-files.org?

24th May - 11:30pm: email sent to kde-www mailing list asking them how to start this.

25th May: Matthias Messmer aka pipesmocker started working on the website as he ported the old to current and is very good in websites!

27th May: we'll need one or more teasers pictures 830x300 pixels. When we agree on the categories we'll need icons for them too (Kids: a slide, Schools: a blackboard, Universities: a graduate hat?) Annma sent a mail to Alexandre about the teasers.