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Everyone answered 2 questions:

1) Whom for am I making my app?

- some developers started for them to make an app that answered their need

- no people (no idea) I took over some app

- kids (own kids first)

- developers (Marble part)

- language students (Parley)

- illeterate people (KLettres) / non illeterate

Sometimes the target broadens: you thought making the program for kids and you also have adults using it.

2) Do I get feedback about usability?

- individuals: emails, bug reporters, emails from parents

=> some individuals become testers which is good (but demanding!)

- some have no feedback

- KAlgebra: schools, teachers

- KLettres: users were happy to be able to add content themselves => how do we make it easy for users to create content (content workshop)


- We don't really reach our users. Berto said that developers are on one side and users on the other side, separated by bugzilla

- More doc: it would be good to have something that schools could relate to, how Parley is already used in schools. HowTo: how to learn multiplications with Parley. We notice the pain of docbook and KHelpCenter and the limit of having userbase doc which need internet connection

- We need a promo person to take care of relations with users. How to make something for the UNESCO International Educational Day for example?

- Website: we should better categorize.

We'll follow up with the promo, website and content sessions.