3 parts in promo communicate within the KDE-Edu team communicate with KDE people communicate with users

Facts: Some figures Facebook 2100 fans for the KDE group 60 fans for the Parley group 6400 fans for the Amarok group 1060 fans for the KOffice group 70 fans for the Marble group

On Identi.ca there are 2700 members of the KDE group.

The Dot has quite a number of readers so has PlanetKDE

Very little blogs from KDE-Edu people except Marble people.

How should we communicate? We need to use Facebook, Twitter and Identi.ca to get some exposure. Edu blogs should be linked directly to Facebook.

How can we communicate mailing lists IRC blogs, Planet KDE Dot articles Facebook Twitter, Identi.ca articles in magazines

What should be our primary channel of communication for each of the 3 promo directions within KDE-Edu: the mailing-list (beware of fragmentation by having subteams mailing lists and IRC channels) within KDE: PlanetKDE - mailing-lists with users: the website

Also use other communication channels of course.

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