The current Team: Torsten, Dennis, Bastian (graphics view), Jens Michael (tiles downloading), Bernard

So far Marble has been an educational tool: explore the world with different maps.

Open Street Map: data is downloaded from the internet while you are browsing (no big data on the hard disk)

They made download faster. When you don't have an internet connection you can download the map for a region to be stored offline.

File -> Download region... They limited the amount of download though.

In Satellite view, there's a Sun Control dialog.

In Marble you can build your own maps with text files (xml) you don(t have to be a programmer.

Routing has been added which supports Open Route Service. Have it offline in the future.

Marble mobile: on Nokia N900, profiled so it can fit. You can define different profiles to make Marble look differently.

Future of Marble (next version)

Create user interfaces using QtQuick: demo on Dennis blog (QML and Marble widget)

A website based on Marble widget and QML

Plugins are very easy to develop (there's a tutorial on techbase about it)

Making Marble available for all applications which could use it:

  • Move the Widget Part outside of kdeedu so other apps can use it (Digikam) in kdesupport
  • GPS support as plugin

Add content for classrooms, there are lots of historical maps to add.

Social connection: there is a Facebook Marble group

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