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Short history by Frederik

1999 KVocTrain started with an xml based format quite simple.

In 2006 Peter was maintaining both KWordQuiz and KVocTrain.

In 2007 Frederik started maintaining it. He rewrote the kvtlm lib then.


- separate grammar from words

- use xslt to transform XML files


  1. We have 4 programs using .kvtml and only Parley is associated with the extension. How can we make KHangMan or KAnagram associated as default with .kvtml? KHangMan and KAnagram files install in /kvtml but Parley installs no files.
  2. There's a lot of noise generated by Parley editor which is not relevant for KHangMan or KAnagram. Can we develop a more simple editor in order to get 2 sorts of files: word(language 1)/word(language 2) files and word/definition files.

To get the word + definition entry you would do: <identifier id="0"><name>Word</name><locale>en</locale></identifier> <identifier id="1"><name>Definition</name><locale>en</locale></identifier>


  1. We do not know how to do that => ask maybe in KDE core team We could merge KHangMan and KAnagram and add KrossWords and Memory to that.
  2. The KWordQuiz editor is simpler than Parley's and also based on a table which can be difficult for some users. We could make a simple editor based on KWordQuiz and add another interface where the user would enter a word with its second word/definition and then a next button would switch you to the next entry. Editor should include picture (drag and drop?) and sound (drag and drop?)


Compress KVTML files