Educational Plasmoid

- why not a folderview? it is totally locked and has no configure options so kids cannot mess with it.

- there is a manual configuration file .ini where you can set the hidden folder you want to work with. You can also set the number of columns and the icons size.

How does it work

- Open the hidden folder in Dolphin

- Create folders which will be the Categories (Maths, Games and Vocabularies on the screenshot) then you drag some .desktop files in those folders. They will be shown and will open the programs.

Questions, suggestions

- Wouldn't have Javascript be better than C++? Would have been easier to distribute.

- Can't it be a full activity?

- Combined with desktop javascript scripting

- Could the whole configuration be saved and then shared via GHNewStuff so people would have pre-made plasmoids for some kids age?

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