Programming languages

- Bindings are always broken for python, Ruby,... - Left is QtScript - What about Kross? we don't really know its sate. - Javascript for tuning the application

We have a lot of narrow scope applications that ask questions to the user like KBruch => We could have a framework for that and have a XML (or QML) extension to plug in things (a skeleton scriptable test framework).

Why not KVTML bindings?

What languages are currently used in KDE-Edu apart from C++? - Boost Python in Kig (not so good) - Kross in Parley (not so good) - Rocs: javascript and Qt bindings

We should try to find a PyQt Edu application that would work and integrate it. Look at Anki (flashcard vocab app)

Content makers

What about web apps? we could create something where schools would install the server stuff and the app stuff. Moodle: look into it. No sharing of content though. Frontend for Moodle?

TODO - look at the Moodle format - what about SchoolTool: only tools for school administrators - KEduca: what format, status?

We need contact with schools We need to ease access for people to add content

Free content would be a way to approach teachers by telling them they could share their content and get already made one. Needs formats, can we use the Moodle format?

We need contributors, artists, content makers

There are projects about making teachers share content. There is web content.

Translations - If we use content it's important to keep language-dependent information from language-independent one.

Question: In Cantor, would it be possible to extract and translate worksheet content?

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