Akademy 2013

We, the Artikulate team are planning on organizing a BoF session at Akademy this year. It would be a great way to let the world know about the Artikulate project in detail and also, to get more people to contribute to the project. At present, Artikulate supports twelve language specifications. In order to have fully functioning courses for all these languages, it is necessary to have native contributors (translators) from the community or outside contributing to Artikulate. So, Akademy being the annual world summit of the KDE community, will have people coming from all over the world and thus, will be the perfect place to get native contributors.

Topics To Be Discussed

  • What is Artikulate and how it works
  • Present state of the project
  • Asking people to translate the existing units in the Basic Course Skeleton in their native language
  • Asking people for recordings of phrases from translated units

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