KDE Connect requests the following permissions on Android, for the following reasons:


  • INTERNET: Even though we never connect through the internet (only through local network), Android requires this permission even for that.
  • STORAGE: To save received files and to read files to send.
  • CONTACTS: When you receive a phone call or SMS, KDE Connect looks up the caller/sender on your contact list to display the contact name instead of the number.
  • NOTIFICATIONS: For the notifications plugins to be able to forward the notifications to your desktop.
  • SMS: For the SMS plugin to forward SMS to your desktop and to be able to reply them.
  • BATTERY: For the battery plugin to report the battery on your desktop.
  • LOCATION: The location permission is required to know to which WiFi network you are connected. If you use the Trusted Networks feature (to restrict autodiscovery only to known networks), you will need to gran the "background location" permission.

None of the information that KDE Connect can read ever leaves your phone unencrypted, and never ever reaches the internet at all.

In the future, all these permissions will be made optional, so you can decide not to even allow KDE Connect to access some of this data. As of now, only the notifications permission is made optional.

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