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What do we want KDE to be?

Vision for KDE

KDE is a community

KDE is a friendly, international community of programmers, artists, designers, writers, creators who collaborate in developing libre software for anyone to use freely and for the good of mankind. We develop in the open, and value transparency. We have an open commit policy, and shared ownership of the codebase and all other assets. We document our code and processes and invite users to improve our documentation. Teams often meet online or in person, which are called sprints. And many look forward to the annual gathering, called Akademy.

User-centered software

We consider our users to be paramount, and call on them to help us test, translate, document as we develop.

  • We value privacy and always give users control over their own identity and digital assets.
  • Our users have the freedom to run, copy, distribute, study, change and improve the software.
  • Our software uses the latest encryption algorithms, and comes without any backdoors, hidden monitoring, or data collection.
  • We want enable end-users to manage their "digital life" using free software no matter which operating system or device.
  • Consistency and integration between applications is reached by following common guidelines and using common technologies, such as Qt.
  • We release with Free Software licenses which allow commercial use.

Growing and changing

We mentor new developers in student programs such as Google Summer of Code, Google Code-In, and Season of KDE. We're encouraged to see many former students continue to blossom in the community, and become mentors in turn. Newcomers are creating the future of KDE.

Citizen of the FOSS world

We strive to make our creative ecosystem as free and open as our software while remaining pragmatic. This has led us to establish the KDE Free Qt Foundation, and participate as an Associate Organization of the FSF Europe, an affiliate of the Open Source Initiative and a member of the Open Invention Network community of licensees.