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Proposed for Deletion

This page has been proposed for deletion for the following reason:

This is a duplicate of and all missing info should be moved there. Also need to contact whoever is in charge of the KDE GitHub org and change that URL too.

Please use the discussion section of this page to voice your opinion on this.

GitHub Mirror

KDE is managing a read-only mirror of our repos on GitHub. It's located at .

We want to make KDE sources easy to find, share and build upon; and most importantly we want your contributions to count towards your GitHub profile. To make sure your contributions count, star the repositories you are committing too and they should show on your profile. Also ensure you have your commit e-mail associated with your GitHub account.


Why don't you enable pull requests?

Our central repositories are handled by our awesome sysadmins over on where we have full control and tighter integration within our services. If we start using multiple repositories and making developers look in two places that gets very complicated and unfair on the maintainers.

Also as an open source project, it's very important for us to keep to using open source tools. GitHub does not meet that requirement.

How do I submit “Pull Requests”?

The process of using GitLab is very similar to using GitHub. You can find a detailed instruction here, but basically it is this:

  • Log in to KDE's GitLab
  • Fork the repository of the project you want to work on
  • Make a branch in your fork
  • Make changes, commit them to your branch, and push
  • When you push you should be given a link to easily make a merge request. If not, navigate to your fork on GitLab and make a pull request from there

How do I submit “Issues”?

Please file a bug report or wish at

Where can I find the “original sources”?

All KDE Git repositories are available for browsing at

For details on KDE's Git infrastructure see the dedicated GIT infrastructure page.