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Members of the Group

  • Currently, the team would include 5 members including Subin, Kannan, Aiswarya, Sreeram, Abraham, Akhil (will confirm later).
  • If people from diversified fields are willing to join the team, then we can add them in the team.
  • There will be no process for getting new members or volunteers on board.
  • No members/volunteers will be removed from the team despite being inactive.

Public Channels/Information pages

Create a focal point for the KDE Network Kerala team. Create public information pages, channels and mailing lists. This will help other people from Kerala to get in touch with the KDE Network Kerala team. The Wiki page should be updated if there are any new initiatives/changes.




Meetings (Main members, Volunteers, Advisory Committee)

  • Members of the team will have meetings based on availabilities.
  • The team will have a meeting every month with the Advisory Committee to discuss plans and participation at the upcoming events.


  • Complete and review the translation of Plasma UI, the homepage of, Dolphin and Konsole by 21.08 release. Target is July 2021.
  • GCompris tutorials for teachers and parents in Malayalam. Target is before June 2021.
  • Translation of GCompris cookbook.
  • Krita tutorials in Malayalam.
  • Plasma tutorials in Malayalam.
  • Onboard 10 more motivated and active people to the team. Preferably from diversified fields.
  • In April-May 2021 there will be Teachers' Training program in Kerala, if the Kerala team is ready with the tutorials and documentation then the team will do workshops or training in this program.
  • The first step is to make videos/tutorials until then they will not start any programs.

Events and Participation

  • The team has decided not to participate in any events initially.
  • If any events are beneficial for KDE then they will discuss it with the Advisory Committee to participate.
  • Approval for any event should be made at least a month before so that it gives the Advisory Committee the time to discuss the plan among themselves and with the board. Material for the events should be arranged at least a week before to avoid any issues.
  • At least one member should attend the event on behalf of the team.

Reporting of Meeting Minutes and Initiatives

All the meeting minutes and summaries of the initiatives/events should be available online for the public. Reports of their work can be posted quarterly/yearly so other groups can use similar initiatives/strategies. Dot story or Wiki can be used to record it.

Roles and Responsibilities

Roles and responsibilities should be shared so that it will be easier to support each other.

  • There will be no fixed responsibilities.
  • Tasks will be projects wise.
  • Tasks related to finances, events, logistics, decision-making and documentation will be shared.

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