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Sponsor: Jeremy Whiting

A few line of descriptions explaining what the project does.

WikiToLearn is a platform on which science students are free to share all the information needed to succesfully complete their studies. The main focus of the project is to collaboratively create high quality textbooks and other didactical resources, using free tools, such as wiki text, inkscape and LaTeX. It is also a publishing platform on which scientists can write course notes or depth chapters and get back a professionally formatted PDF of their work and other hand picked material from the website. WikiToLearn is also a collective memory of previous students. On WikiToLearn notes taken with LaTeX by former students will no longer get lost in the shadows of time, but will serve as a base of study for new scientists.

WikiToLearn homepage


List the people committed to the project and actively working on it.

  • Alberto Giudici
  • Giacomo Graceffa
  • Marco Giglio
  • Marco Ballabio
  • Mirko Mauri
  • Paolo Bassanese
  • Riccardo Iaconelli

Manifesto Compliance Plan

List the actions planned to get in compliance with the manifesto. Don't hesitate to even list parts of the manifesto which don't require action and highlight why. This part will really be used as a discussion starting point with the project sponsor.

WikiToLearn already complies with the manifesto of KDE, obviously except the infrastructure part. For the infrastructure, we need to:

Candidate ready

Status Description Notes
DONE Project description ...
DONE Project team ...
DONE Manifesto compliance plan ...


Status Description Notes
DONE Repository and code available (in playground) ...
DONE Mailing list available ...
DONE Website available (if applicable) ...
DONE Active community ...
DONE Manifesto compliance ...