IUP ISI/MediaWiki-Silk/Scrum notes/2011-03-03

Scrum meeting of the 03/03/2011

Work done since the last Scrum meeting

  • Talk with kde-sysadmin for the merge
  • Add author description in KIPI
  • Change custom logo for widget
  • Update gui KIPI (add tabs)
  • Begin reporting presentation
  • Remove popup authentication
  • Insert login form in tab panel
  • Made upload and login asynchronous in KIPI
  • Emit progress KJob signals
  • Add preview image and progress bar in upload sample
  • Catch and display errors on upload and login

Encountered difficulties

  • Dificulties with QtDesigner

Work to do until the next Scrum meeting

  • Finish retrieval of the image metadata
  • Finish marketing presentation
  • Continue reporting presentation
  • Add upload progress bar in KIPI
  • Improve sample gui

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