IUP ISI/MediaWiki-Silk/Scrum notes/2011-02-03

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Scrum meeting of the 03/02/2011

Work done since the last Scrum meeting

  • End POTD Engine
  • Begin Parse query
  • Continue upload
  • Remove User Agent constant
  • Begin refactor QNetworkAccessManager
  • Begin applet and engine AOTD
  • Contact community about Kipi Plugin
  • Find KIPI ressources to begin the plugin

Encountered difficulties

  • Crous proxy
  • IceScrum
  • Half session for M1

Work to do until the next Scrum meeting

  • Improve sample edit code
  • Continue parse query
  • Continue upload
  • End refactor QNetworkAccessManager
  • End applet and engine AOTD
  • Analyse Kipi Plugin