IUP ISI/MediaWiki-Silk/Scrum notes/2011-01-20

Scrum meeting of the 20/01/2011

Work done since the last Scrum meeting

  • Refactor of the following class constructor

(queryInfo, queryRevision, login, infoGeneral, Edit, queryImages)

  • Refactor of the following class results

(queryInfo, queryRevision, infoGeneral(initiate), Edit, queryImages, infoUserGroups)

  • Peer programming
  • Add protected construct to Job class
  • End refactor Logout class

Encountered difficulties

  • C++ knowledges
  • Host difficulty (Icescrum)
  • No response from the Digikam community

Work to do until the next Scrum meeting

  • End infoGeneral refactor
  • End imageInfo refactor
  • End infoUserGroups construct
  • Investigate upload class

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