IUP ISI/MediaWiki-Silk/Scrum notes/2011-01-07

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Scrum meeting du 07/01/2011

Work done since the last Scrum meeting

  • Code review with Kevin
  • Investigate digiKam plugin integration
  • Investigate library code refactoring
  • IceScrum training with the L3
  • Makefile for CDash
  • Library explanation with the L3
  • Study the library architecture
  • Study the library documentation
  • Read C++/Qt & git tutorials
  • Read project code
  • Move some errors in parent class
  • Create parent class (MediaWikiJob)

Encountered difficulties

  • Hardware compatibility problem (on windows)
  • Lack of documentation on CDash

Work to do until the next Scrum meeting

  • Investigate digiKam plugin integration
  • Finish CDash implementation
  • General library code refactoring
  • KDE Export macro
  • Investigate Kimap private classes
  • Find another computer