IUP ISI/MediaWiki-Silk/Scrum notes/2011-01-05

Scrum meeting du 05/01/2011

Work done since the last Scrum meeting

  • Install operating systems and library
  • Make a prensentation for L3
  • Send emails to PO and technical contacts
  • Make courses about C++ and Qt
  • Study and install CDash
  • Register on Gitorious and IceScrum
  • Study project compilation

Encountered difficulties

  • CDash documentation lakes
  • One computer missing
  • 2 virtual machine problems
  • Wifi connection problems (Eduroam)
  • C++ experience
  • One computer is slow (too older)

Work to do until the next Scrum meeting

  • Finish installing operating systems and library
  • Investigate library code refactoring
  • Finish installing CDash and explain it to the team
  • Read C++/Qt & git tutorials
  • Read project code
  • Find another computer

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