IM Survey Results

The IM Survey results are in. Below is a table for comparison of features:

Requirement IRC Matrix
FOSS server Yes
Can self-host Yes
FOSS Clients Yes
Open API Yes
Open Governance #ircv3?
No monetary cost Yes
Defined protocol Yes
Anonymity feature loss[1]
Low bandwidth Yes
Widely legal heard anything?
Away Yes
Mute /ignore, Konversation
Channel list with search freenode /alis
IRC Bridge n/a
File Sharing DCC or external
Private channels Yes
Access control freenode
Channel topics Yes
Permanent channels freenode_GC
Encrypted communication HTTPS / IRC with TLS / Tor / encrypted messages [2]
Plasma Integration Konversation
Client accessibility Konversation
High volume performance Yes
High channel count performance Yes
Low client overhead Yes
Federation freenode network
Persistant public logging possible[3]
Firewall friendly tunnels available
IRC-like GUI Yes
Multiple accounts per app instance Yes
No sign-up possible with caveats [4]
Migration Path n/a
Tor support freenode [5]
Dev system messages provided by a bot
Web client Various available, qwebirc, irccloud, kiwiirc, ...
Message quoting editable text
Text mode client 3rd party (irssi, weechat, ...)
Low sysadmin requirements freenode
Remembers last-read position needs 3pty support, Konversation does it
Popular bridges n/a
User search primitive[6]
File share search No
Avatars client feature
Mass messaging considered impolite
Dev service bots Yes
Spacious, low contrast flat ui see wip/qtquick
Unicode character picker Konversation
Broadcast messages Can be done via bots and /amessage
Sharable content markup Client feature
  1. if you don't have an account, you can't join some channels (opt-in) and use memoserv. You can use Tor though, which comes with no feature loss but requires registration (with a random e-mail address, no personal details)
  2. encryption with OTR etc. doesn't work well in groups
  3. via bots, other channels do this, has to be communicated, opt-in
  4. some channels (opt-in), some features like sending memos and Tor require it
  5. requires a registration, SASL external and using an .onion service
  6. could be improved client-side

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